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  1. @_rogue, sorry to reply to an older comment, but did you ever figure this issue with pfSense out? I have essentially the same setup, but I'm using binhex-sabnzvpn instead of qbittorrent. Completely at a loss, myself.
  2. Closing this now because it was indeed a hardware issue. Fairly sure it was the CPU or MOBO because I had memtest'd extensively. Now I have a MUCH better CPU/MOBO!
  3. Looking to upgrade my server which has been having super strange issues that I can only attribute to hardware issues. I’ve been looking for a reason to upgrade for awhile anyway, so here’s what I’m looking at for the CPU/MOBO/RAM (already have a solid PSU/case/drives): CPU: Intel Xeon W-1270 ($430 on Newegg) MOBO: AsRock Rack W480D4U ($300 on Newegg) RAM: Something like Kingston Premier ECC RAM ($100-$150ish) It SEEMS like this should work properly, but I’m thinking maybe someone has experience with the CPU and/or MOBO. I’m definitely open to other sugges
  4. Sorry for a late response on this, but I've been caught up with work stuff. For whatever reason, the server was working for a week or so without issue. I'm back in troubleshooting mode and now it's doing instant crashes once I start the array again. It doesn't matter if I disable Docker or VMs in settings; it still crashes. One time, it wouldn't even boot (said cannot location bootable drive, or something to that effect). I swapped the USB drive to a different slot and it didn't matter. At this point, I am leaning towards it being either the USB
  5. So I was able to actually just edit the setting in "Settings" for Docker not to start, I started the array, and it still crashed Guessing the place it got stuck in the syslog may be a red herring. Running an over night memtest+ and I'll see where I'm at tomorrow.
  6. So I've had my Unraid server for over two years now with minimal issues. I've added/removed drives, etc. and haven't had many issues. Out of the blue today, my server crashed. It came back up automatically but without my array started (this is how I have it configured). I can start the array in maintenance mode but not normal mode. Since it crashes, my syslog gets wiped, but I tail'd it from root and it died in the middle of starting up Docker. I'm attaching the sanitized diagnostics which I ran after starting the server but not the array. I trie
  7. @bonienl, thanks for the guidance! I did what you said, and I'm now on 6.4.1 official. I saw in settings how I no longer have to assign IP Addresses in the network settings (see picture below "network.png") As far as the docker settings, I'm a bit confused. Do I want to enable custom networks or no? My goal is to have all of these containers behave like mini-VMs and work through the router and only live on unRAID. (see picture below "docker.png") Thank you.
  8. Hello, I am running 6.4.1-rc2 right now, and am having issues routing traffic from my unRAID server to the Docker containers that run on it. I have 4 VLANs setup on my network, with containers on each of them. All my containers are given unique IP addresses. This has been working great, and I can access all of these containers from anywhere except the unRAID server itself. The only reason I realized this is because I stopped using a VM for my DNS server and moved it to a container. After this, everything was still able to utilize the DNS server, except for t
  9. @binhex Here is the log file. I couldn't find anything odd, even after turning on DEBUG, but hopefully you can see something! Thanks. debug.txt
  10. I am having some strange speed issues that I can't seem to figure out. I have been using this container for about a month now with zero issues up until now. Essentially, my speeds are much, much slower than they should be and I have taken several troubleshooting steps, but to no avail. 1) I checked my internet speed which is supposed to be 200 mb/s (bits, not bytes) down. However, the best I can get from this container is about 600 KB/s (bytes, not bits). Up until this happened, I would get from 100 mb/s to 180 mb/s which is fine, considering all the traffic is tunnelin
  11. I am having an issue with this container where it binds to the wrong interface. It says exactly what it is doing in the logs, but I can't get it to use the eth0 interface's IP instead of the tun0's IP. I am using mtacvlan networking so the container has its own IP address. I pored over this thread, but I can't seem to figure out how to manually change the deluge bound IP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. @Tuftuf You are a life saver! I TOTALLY forgot about the DNS settings. As it turns out, you can't set the DNS settings per VLAN network (at least in the unRAID GUI), so my container in the DMZ was trying to connect to my router (the DNS server), but on the wrong interface. I manually specified the my router's DMZ interface's IP Address, and it worked like a charm. Now I'll just wait and cross my fingers that we can specify the DHCP server for a macvlan network... Based on what the Docker documentation says, that's a limitation on their end for now. Kicking myself that I
  13. Hello, I am new to these forums, but I have had unraid for a few months now and have the basics down. Basically, I upgraded to the 6.4 prerelease when I saw that macvlan support had been officially added (I had a mess of things before when I tried it using the CLI). I have a slightly more complicated network setup and have a couple other VLANs going into unRAID. I figured I'd start with an easy container, so I pulled down the MineOS one by yujiod. This is where things started getting odd; I had everything working properly, and I decided to turn o
  14. @bonienl, thanks for the information! I apparently posted too quickly because I figured it out in the end, but this was a driving me nuts for a good hour. Thanks!
  15. So I may have just answered my own question. In the VM settings, I just realized there is a switch to show advanced settings. From there, I can change the network bridge from br0 to br0.30. Hopefully this helps someone else!