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  1. hey guys thanks for all the help so i have reformatted the SSD im hoping all is well now im going though and getting rid of my old dockers and redownloading and setting them back up as i was having trouble with them im getting this error while trying to download Sabnzbd agin it wont let me download it.. var/lib/docker/tmp/GetImageBlob612275878: read-only file system so far i have started the process for Sonarr need to do radarr and plex seems to be doing much better now after that ram fix and ssd reformat!! i also seem to be getting more
  2. ahhhhhhh sorry man thanks for the help alot will having the ram fixed help with that situation? i just changed back too 2666 as i didint see 2667 so i figured 666 would be fine. agin thank alot for all the help iv been having problems for like a week or 2 now. server-diagnostics-20210416-1513.zip server-syslog-20210416-1913.zip
  3. sorry im still not following they both show as ssd is there a diff panel i should be on too see more specific? also how would i fix the problem?
  4. hm ill have to look at bios, so ik the ram is supported at 3200 am i not able to run that? or just stick with the 2667 idk that it would matter alll that much as its just a plex server manly and i transcode to ram. thanks for alll the help!!
  5. hey also what ssd iv got 2 one for plex metadata and cach
  6. hmm i may have overclocked too 3200 i dont remember though server-diagnostics-20210416-1232.zip
  7. hey guys thank in advanced for the help, im getting errors and warning in the log and i have no idea what its for im at 25% full running 6.9.1 i have probelms with it crashing im assuming its because maybe the log files are full im not sure. i recently moved from and intel server build too a amd ryzen build if that helps. server-syslog-20210416-1330.zip i am also running a parity check right now as well idk if that is a reason for the errors
  8. i can not figure out how to change the end point i looked at that q28 but in that file i cant tell what to replace im getting that same error unable to successfully download pia json to generate token
  9. ahhh didint realize i had to make a modification thanks. i was looking for a button of some kind to show it
  10. yes i did, it says to give the run command but under edit even under advance i dont see anything about a run command i also checked under the docker tile and i dont see anything there either thank you for the support button
  11. i cant figure out how to get the download or the run but here is the log im getting from plex. i didn't have any problems at least that i knew of until changing over the system. plexlog.txt
  12. hey guys getting more errors causing plex to transcode crash server-diagnostics-20210409-1610.zip
  13. really, iv never noticed that iv had sas drives for awhile.
  14. ahhh i see what your saying sorry about that.. i had to do a reboot a min ago but i will let it run while at work and send another one if i need too server-diagnostics-20210408-0532.zip
  15. i did right below it sorrry sould have to begin with but forgot haha
  16. here is server log server-syslog-20210407-2208.zip
  17. Apr 7 10:09:49 Server emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2771: Input/output error (5): write Apr 7 10:09:49 Server kernel: md: do_drive_cmd: disk6: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 Apr 7 10:09:50 Server kernel: mdcmd (30313): spindown 6 being spammed with this error not sure why i moved from an intel system server motherbaord cpu 64G of ram now i have: ryzen 2600 16GB of ram
  18. So iv Been wondering why my Plex Docker has not been updating so i have been doing research. well i found out today that i guess limetech does not update theirs to the plex pass version so i want to change to linuxserver i beilve it was called.. how would i go about doing that i cant find any way to just change source, if at all possible i dont want to have to re-mount everything too it. because i dont want my order of newly added stuff mixed up and stuff iv watch like TV and stuff. if there is a way to do it pleaseeee let me know guys thanks alot!. and if not i guess illl h
  19. thanks, ima have to do some resarch on it thanks alot i dont wana take up all your time haha. ima go into the server gotta do a cleaning anyway and take out that card and just use motherboard. thanks agin have a great weekend.
  20. alright thanks for the help, what are other ways to gett access to the server i only use the browser. but the last time when it went dead i couldn't do anything but restart witch messed disk one up lol.
  21. sweet thanks so much. so do you think that is what caused unraid to crash the other day?