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  1. As of last week telegraf will no longer start: [telegraf] Error running agent: could not initialize input smartctl not found: verify that smartctl is installed and it is in your PATH (or specified in config): provided path does not exist: [] I have the .conf using sudo for execution, and PATH is fine. which smartctl shows /usr/sbin/smartctl, the binary runs just fine without adding the path to the command as well. echo $PATH includes /usr/sbin/. what's going on? EDIT: I see users above already mentioned this. I'm on 6.8.3 however
  2. Well, this is weird. I moved where the plug the USB stick into and it had more errors, I fiddled with how it was plugged in and magically it's booting again now. Doens't make much sense. I'm going to backup the USB stick again and buy a replacement. I suppose I don't need help anymore
  3. Today I noticed my power flickered and my unraid UPS cycled on temporarily. Then my Unraid USB drive became unresponsive. I wrote down some syslog problems and did a reboot thinking it'd come back, but it isn't. I popped the USB stick into my win10 box and the files seems intact. Any ideas? I do have backups of the USB stick but they're on one of my disks in my unraid server. Would have to pop one out mount on windows/linux?, and try to reformat the USB stick and copy old files back. EDIT: Plugged a monitor into my server. It does boot off the USB and if I pick the default
  4. Binhex, I host my own cloud OpenVPN server I wish to run through. The env variables for setup don't seem to support that. Is there a quick guide on running an .ovpn file? I could more easily just run a VM but that's much more resource intensive then your docker.
  5. I made my windows 10 local account to have the same user:pass as an unraid user. I set shares to private and gave the user read write. I can access the correct shares without logging in, however they're still rear only in windows properties. I'm at a loss as what else to do. I'll have to settle for running rclone on unraid locally to have google drive access.
  6. Because It's annoying that I can't mount my google drive to the network share, or whatever equivalent other windows services I'd like to run
  7. This is the exact same issue I'm seeing. I've gone into the permission and sharing options on the windows side and did the equivilent of 777 for all users I could see. Still won't fix the issue. The next step I'll do when I get home is to try to downgrade windows to SMB 2.0 and compare.
  8. I remounted the network drive without any login credentials, shares are all public. and I still see folders listed as a faux "read only" in windows.
  9. Frank, unfortunately, all my shares are set to Public. I haven't tried mounting the shares over network without using a login, I'll try that.
  10. Thanks Frank, I've been googling, I also do before asking on forums. I have looked at windows credential manager, and made sure that all of my connections to TOWER are with my non root user login. That didn't fix it yet unfortunately. will continue to read the resources provided. Thank you all for your time. I will update if I discover anything. I have a surface pro 3 I can troubleshoot with as a serperate machine, also my work Macbook pro I can try connecting with as well.
  11. I unmapped my network drive and remapped with a different user account I created in unraid.. I can access all the files like normal, however I still get the read only (in properties only) issue. Mainly this just affects me being able to target unraid with google drive in windows. Could this be a windows 10 SMB version issue that plagued users between 2015-2016?
  12. Thanks for the help. I'm pretty familiar with my way around a linux termnial. All of my directories are chowned by nobody:users, and a lot of my data files are 777 permissions. I'm not seeing any signs as to why when I connect as root to the network share in windows that properties reads as read only, even though It act like 777 as as far letting me do everything I want to the network share. example: root@Tower:/mnt/user# ls -al Media/TV/SESAME\ ST\ AVI/ total 5502804 drwxr-xr-x 1 nobody users 1030 Jan 10 22:28 ./ drwxr-xr-x 1 nobody users
  13. If I go through the network section of windows file explorer, I still see folders as read only. Not sure if it helps but my method of setup was to put 2 data disks in, Mount my old synology over network to my unraid server. used krusader docker to transfer my old files over. (this could affect permissions?) I added my to initial post. Thanks for any help.
  14. I just joined the Unraid family. Running the latest 6.3.4. I have 3 disks with 1 as parity. I have all my data copied over and parity checked. Shares are set to SMB Public. On my windows 10 desktop, I am able to mount Tower/sharexyz as a windows drive F: and it works fine. The problem is when i look at the properties in windows it thinks that everything is Read only, even if I uncheck read only and apply to everything recursively, it goes right back to read only. I can write to the folders and and copy over, so it's not really read only. Also I can't