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  1. I have been Unraid for 2 years now and it's insane how useful it is for its price. It's gotten me into writing my own Dockerfiles and I have learned a lot about self hosting. Thank you
  2. The other solution would be to disable authentication for the WEBUI. Or maybe if a lot of people wrote something in here: it'll be fixed.
  3. @spl147 have you tried using the safari technology preview?
  4. The only other thing I changed was enabling TLS 1.3 with this: sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ tcp_connect_enable_tls13 1
  5. I'm on macOS 10.13.2 (17C88), so nothing special there. My experimental functions look like this:
  6. I'm running Version 11.0.2 (13604. and the CPU load works for me
  7. The web terminal works for me in safari. Are there specific features that don't work, or is there something special about my Safari installation?
  8. I get the same error as @GilbN I'm running 6.4 rc9f
  9. No it's not on CA. Download it using this URL
  10. yeah I needed to reboot the server twice until it started formatting
  11. I'm pretty sure I didn't format my drive using the UD plugin, I did however format it in rc7a
  12. Hmm it's the first time that ever happened to me, but yeah I guess I need to let go
  13. Ok thank you here it is
  14. I have downgraded to rc7a, so I'm not sure if that would help now. If it still does where do I find it?
  15. It is somehow related to this release, as the drive was recognised correctly in rc7a, but yes formatting was my mistake. I have accepted it now there was nothing too critical on that drive
  16. I don't have a backup of that disk, I discovered that even when the drive is emulated by parity it's still unmountable. It wasn't much data yet, but now I wasted a lot of freeleech tokens
  17. fuuuuuuuuck I think I just lost all the data of a harddrive I updated from rc7 to rc8q and it said that one drive wasn't formatted correctly, being excited about the update I formatted it How do I get it back with help of parity?
  18. Thank you for the feedback! I removed the plexdrive bash script alltogether and executing plexdrive will now just be the normal binary.
  19. Hey, I'm still abroad, so I can't test it. But I also added plexdrive5, so you can also use mine, I also removed mongodb as plexdrive5 won't use mongodb anymore
  20. Sorry I'm currently abroad and my VPN stopped working So I can't look it up right now, but it's similiar to a script from here:
  21. I just run this script all 5 mins together with the plexdrive stuff (which checks if it's still mounted) if [[ -s "/mnt/user/appdata/plexdrive/mongodb/mongod.lock" ]]; then echo "mongodb already started" else mongod --dbpath /mnt/user/appdata/plexdrive/mongodb & fi Oh and the plexdrive4 plugin should work, if not please create an issue on github.
  22. Thank you so much for adding IPv6. My mailserver is now working like a charm.
  23. You can use plexdrive4.plg instead of plexdrive.plg. Please report back how it works.