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  1. I recently upgraded this docker and now I can't get on the 'history' page when accessing the docker through reverse proxy. Any one have any ideas?
  2. Update for you all, I finally managed to sort this 6 hours later. It was a USB issue. Initially I copied and pasted my old USB onto a new formatted USB and ran the .bat file in the root of the drive but that didn't work The only way to get it working with a new USB was to use the unraid flash tool available online to setup a new USB. Plug it into the server > let the server boot up > then shut down. Now go back to Windows and copy the config file only from the old USB onto the new one. All is now well. Hope this helps someone down the line experiencing same issue.
  3. Yes, that was the tip I tried from that thread. Unfortunately no luck.
  4. Hi, So after 159 days of continuously being on, I decided to reboot my server today whilst also giving it the usual clean. Unfortunately, I can no longer boot into the system, and greeted with the message in the image attached. Over the past 150 days I haven't upgraded the system (unless it happens automatically) as I've been busy with work so no chance to do much with the server. I've tried the suggestions listed in the thread below, tried a new USB but no luck even though it looks like the same error. Can someone advie how to get back up and running? As always any help greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get this (Jdownloader 2)docker working with vpn? (Aside from the whole pfsense route as I can't do that) Basically a similar solution to binhex vpn addons.... Appreciate the help!
  6. entourage2111

    Turbo write

    Yes that's exactly what I was thinking. Use cache normally but if it detects i.e. 7 drives spun up, then cache = no and use turbo write. I guess it's me being very picky though, only a few clicks to operate.
  7. entourage2111

    Turbo write

    Thanks for clarifying.👍
  8. entourage2111

    Turbo write

    If in the shares settings, use cache is set to yes, does the 'auto' setting for write mode in disk settings bypass the cache if all the drives are spinning at the time of write?
  9. Hi, silly me - that was the issue! I've now switched and it's all working. Thanks for taking the time to help me.
  10. Hi everyone, I hope someone can provide me with some advice as I’m pulling my hair out over this. I followed the tutorial posted by spaceinvaderone (linked below) which shows how to setup letsencrypt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0lhZc25Sro&t=753s Unfortunately as soon as I run letsencrypt, I get the error message in the log which states: Failed authorization procedure. blabla.duckdns.org (http-01): urn:ietf:params:acme:error:connection :: The server could not connect to the client to verify the domain :: Fetching http://blabla.duckdns.org/.well-known/acme-challenge/wL2-Ux5ap6jNeo4TLJ44KY9Rp9OBcYjSqAZVlbBxnwA: Timeout during connect (likely firewall problem) I’ve made sure with my ISP (Virgin media-UK) that both port 80 and 443 are not blocked. I just can’t seem to get this setup. Can anyone guide me on this? Port forwarding looks to be fine on the router as I’ve looked at three different videos which explain how to do it on that router. Please see picture to below to show how its setup on the router side... Can anyone help? I would really appreciate it
  11. is anyone else getting the error "your version is too old, please update" and then the container closes. Anyone have a fix? I can't see any option to update...
  12. I actually have done that and according to every cert checking website, the domain hamza219421.duckdns.org has a fully verified SSL certificate. Problem is, when I try to VPN into the server though, I still don't get the green lock despite the certificate being verified by every website I check.
  13. I used this video posted by a popular member on this forum to setup a VPN to my home network so I can conect to unraid. For the latter half of the video, because I do not have my own domain name, I used duckdns and lets encrypt to create an SSL certificate. The docker did the job fine for what I needed it to do, I just needed advice on how to get the green lock when accessing my server from outside home.... I hope that makes sense
  14. That's the thing. I don't know how to get it to go to https:// on the docker install page of letsencrypt. I've attached my settings with this post. Of course, when I try to go to https:\\192. bla bla when connected to the VPN that page doesn't load. But when I type in just the IP of my server, it goes to it just fine (but at the cost of not being secure)
  15. Hi, Hoping someone can help me with regards to an ssl certificate problem I seem to have when using this docker to get certified. I used this docker to generate a ssl certificate for my duckdns address and everything went as planned. Even when I use various ssl certificate checking websites, they all show that the link is secure. However, when I access my home through VPN using chrome, the green padlock does not show and I'm left with an (information logo inchrome) which shows I may be at risk. Does anyone know how I can resolve this issue? FYI, the domain address for me is hamza219421@duckdns.org Can I also add that when I try to access unraid locally at home, I don't get a 'green padlock' then either. I figure that doesn't matter since I'm at home locally but would love to have that special 'green padlock' when I try to access from elsewhere. Thanks a lot for the help