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  1. I recall seeing that it is possible to add "multiple servers", and was wondering how to do this? I would like to run two Valheim servers on my hardware and tried to add another container, i didnt go well, im guessing I f***ed it up on the port mappings and therefore the server deleted the original docker.
  2. does "new-config" erase all my docker settings also?
  3. 4 drives all in all including the partity disk. Did the whole backup thing thinking that my 3 new HGST 4TB drives could replace the old Segate once since they are prone to selfdestruction. Now I am having an issue starting the array because of the missing disk. I can place 1 for partity 2 for storage, but I cannot start the array. The last disk thats missing i chose "no disk", still I cant start the array. I did the whole preclearing of the disks and all that, all my files are backed up so there is no trouble starting "from scratch" on the storage side, my cache SSD drive is stille intact and running, havnt replaced that one. Is there any way to get the system to start over on the storage side of things, or do i need to plug in the old disk in the "fourth" spot start the array and remove the disk? I didnt do any pre-removal work, just backed up the files, shut dow the server and replaced the disks.
  4. Is it somehow possible to list the users created and delete some of them from within the docker? I tried to ssh into the docker, but my noobness prevents me from finguring out how to list the users, so that i can delete the users i dont want.
  5. Suddenly my server reports Call Traces errors. The only thing I have done recently is install a new NIC, and that is not even enabled yet. I have attached my ZIP file but cannot se anything (that I as of yet understand) regarding errors. Any help would be appreciated.