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  1. Sadly haven't got an iGPU as I'm running on Ryzen. I'll be waiting patiently then Thanks!
  2. @ich777 Any luck with this? I'm currently running into the same problem where I'd like to use my P2000 to transcode the Owncast stream. Seems like there are some dependencies missing and ffmpeg needs to be built with nvenc support.
  3. @Squid Any chance this is getting updated for 6.9 in the future? 😁 Can't currently use this as it breaks the mover when using multiple cache pools.
  4. Awesome! I just noticed that they already released 5.8.14, they're fast https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Routing-Switching-Beta/UniFi-5-8-14-Testing-has-been-released/
  5. Yeah, I'm 100% certain that the url is correct. The thing is though, the Plex server becomes unreachable for every user/device. As soon as I reboot the contrainer the issue is gone again for a little while.
  6. I'm running into this issue where after a period of time my Plex server becomes unreachable. Whenever I try to access the web interface, I get presented with a "503 Service Unavailable" error. The docker itself is still running at that point, and nothing special is showing up in the docker log. The issue goes away after restarting the docker container. This happens about 3-4 times a week. It's a bit annoying having people telling me my Plex server is down multiple times a week. Any suggestions?
  7. I'm running into some issues with Plex being ssl proxypassed through this docker. I can access the proxypassed page just fine, but then I get a message saying: The server "server" does not allow secure connections, with the option to allow once/always (but both don't actually do anything). When I access Plex directly via LAN it works just fine. My browser is giving me a notification that the page is trying to load unsecure scripts. What I've tried so far: - Serving Plex through both http and https via nginx - Setting the custom server access urls in Plex settings - Setting Secure Connections in Plex: Disabled/Preferred/Required Part of the nginx config: Proxy.conf: Is it required to set up a custom certificate within Plex itself? I assumed this wouldn't be necessary, as this docker would take care of the ssl part.
  8. It used to be like that for me as well though with 6.3.5. I've manually created the folders for each Share on each individual drive and it's back to normal now. Thanks for the help!
  9. I ran into the same thing after upgrading to 6.4RC-6. Guessing this changed since 6.3.5. Is there any way to go back to the old situation (without downgrading obviously ), as that's a more accurate representation of total free space?