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  1. Try removing the plugin and installing the beta in the op. The beta was for supermicro boards but also alot of other changes were made. It's not really beta anymore. Thanks for your help dmacias, the beta sorted it out no problems. Works like a charm now. Cheers
  2. Hi Guys, I've got a Cyberpower PR750ELCD UPS which is plugged into my unraid server by USB cable. NUT V2.0 recognises it using the USBHID-UPS mode and displays the status etc correctly. It will function like this correctly, until a few hours later Oct 4 16:21:21 EntityLite upsd[3807]: Can't connect to UPS [ups] (usbhid-ups-ups): No such file or directory Oct 4 16:21:22 EntityLite upsmon[3811]: Poll UPS [ups@localhost] failed - Driver not connected And then the log fills with the last line until I hit 'reload' on the NUT UPS plugin page and then it reconnects just fine. I've tried swapping USB ports 2.0 and 3.0 I havn't tried a different cable. Any other suggestions? Cheers
  3. 2016.10.24 for me as well. I'll give the beta a whirl when I get home tonight. Cheers
  4. Thanks for quick response! The option to select configure is grayed out. The fan control is reported as stopped in the top right corner, and I can't select yes. I've tried uninstalling the plugin, removing all files in the ipmi folder but same behavior. I've successfully used raw ipmi commands i found much earlier in this thread to set the rear fan on a higher setting while i figure this out, so the commands definitely do work.
  5. Hi all, Having a bit of trouble getting Fan Control to work on Asrock E3C236D2I Getting all the sensors , voltages/temps/fan speeds for the 3 fan headers ok on the IPMI Sensors page. Its obviously talking to the IPMI fine, data all matches what I get from the actual IPMI Fan Control settings are greyed out, and when I try to Force Start the ipmifan i get, ipmifan[3855]: Your AsrockRack motherboard is not supported or setup yet What exactly should I be setting up? is there some auto scan or file that needs to be edited? Sorry, i'm a bit useless, getting used to all this been a while since I did anything cli based.