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  1. Any idea why the app IP,, is reaching out to a Charter DHCP server, Other than this oddity, everything is working fine.
  2. RESOLVED: Hello everyone, My Emby Docker would not play any videos and could not update, so I rebuilt the Docker Image File and reinstalled it. I am now on version, but I am still having problems playing any of my media (TV shows, Movies, and Audio Books) and Emby constantly logs me out. I went through the logs and it appears there is a "Native error= Access denied" showing up. I ran the tool in Unraid called "Docker Safe New Perms", but it did not solve the issue (I am assuming it is because it does not touch the appdata folder). I can see all of my media and can even modify the metadata, so I know it can access /mnt where my media is stored. I am not sure what to do from here. Attached is a copy of my log file. EDIT: I found a link to what appears to be the same issue occurring on a different platform, just not sure how to apply the fix to the Emby Docker running on Unraid. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nick server-63642058137.txt
  3. Thanks for taking the time to look at my logs, BobPhoenix! I managed to get it updated after rebuilding my docker image file (Emby docker was corrupted), however it is quite screwed up now. Going to beg for help in their forum or blow the config away and start over.
  4. RESOLVED: Hello Everyone, I started getting notifications about call traces being found. I also noticed this morning that my Emby docker isn't able to play any video (infinite spinning wheel), so I am wondering if it is connected. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  5. Has anyone configured DokuWiki to work with the Let's Encrypt docker? Been struggling trying to get it to work.
  6. Has anyone managed to get DokuWiki working with Let's Encrypt? I did some Googling, but I haven't had much luck.