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  1. I just setup syncarr and it takes five minutes to do. Been putting off 1080/4k radarr/sonarr containers for a while and had no idea it would be so easy.
  2. Out of curiosity, what are you using to sync your 1080 and 4k instances? I just set up syncarr, but it didn’t seem like the most widely-used solution. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I didn’t realize Cloudflare’s proxy was live on my subdomains’ dns entries. That, as well as HSYS being disabled. Commenting a line in my ngix config file, as well as switching my subdomains from proxy to dns-only solved the problem for me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hey everyone, I have a reverse proxy set up through the Swag container using a custom domain name. I have sonarr.*, radarr.*, and a few others. I only get a B rating from ssllabs I want to increase that to an A+ rating, but have no idea where to start. Haven't found anything super helpful for Swag specifically. Has anyone achieved an A+ rating? If so, send help Thanks!
  5. I’ve been having LetsEncrypt problems all week. Yesterday, I finally upgraded to Swag. Weird name, I know. Apparently LetsEncrypt is deprecated now. SpaceInvader One has a video on how to upgrade. Not saying this’ll fix you’re problem, but it’s a good place to start. Here’s the video: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I have a 44TB server that backs up to my 40TB NAS. I need to upgrade the backup but it’s Synology and I’ll have to buy a whole expansion unit to do that. Been putting it off. Here’s an overview of what I’ve got running- Dockers: - Plex - Deluge - Sonarr - Radarr - Homebridge - Bitwarden - Jackett - duckDNS - swag (formerly LetsEncrypt) So for Plex, I have a bunch of blu-ray backups. I just passed 2,000 of them- I think there’s around 125 different shows on there too. Deluge- just what I use to download… oh. All my blu-ray backups. Sonarr for TV. Main indexer is rarbg, but I have thepiratebay on there too, thanks to Jackett. Radarr, same but for movies. I have a bunch of custom profiles so the right releases get grabbed. Homebridge to add my Nest and some outlets to ios’ Home app. Bitwarden to manage all my passwords. It has auto-fill for ios and chrome. Recently set this up and it’s fantastic. Jackett just let’s you add extra indexers for sonarr and radarr duckDNS to link my router’s dynamic ip to my domain swag (letsencrypt) to use my own sub domains to access sonarr, radarr, and deluge through a reverse proxy. Oh, and I also have openVPN to access my home network while I’m not home. I want to set up NextCloud, but haven’t gotten the time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I'm using letsencrypt. I'm not sure what all the port messages in my logs are. Can anyone tell me if it relates to my reverse proxy?
  8. Did either of you ever find a solution?
  9. 57m are taken up by letsencrypt's /var/log/nginx This is clearly the problem- spamming up my system log. nchan: Out of shared memory while allocating channel /cpuload. Increase nchan_max_reserved_memory. I've had trouble with letsencrpt in general. I think my subdomains are no longer working because the log is full. I tried to save my system log, but it's taking a very long time to download. Here's a picture of my system log at the moment: I found this thread, but it seems no one found a solution there. Any help is very appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I'm trying to do the same thing. Could you share your cleanup script?
  11. The OS and Plex would share those two cores, as they wouldn't be isolated.
  12. I have an 8700K with four cores dedicated to a gaming VM. I’m trying to decide whether or not to isolate them. How well could Plex transcode high nitrate files on two cores of the 8700K?
  13. Not home- put the line at the end of my sysconfig filed though. Is it supposed to go elsewhere? I didn’t see something telling me where to put it. and yes, I rebooted.