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  1. Hi guys, I got a hp microserver g8 and unraid with 4 drives and 1 SSD. I got plex running in a docker container, but how can i know if it is using cache drive? It is on /mnt/user/appdata/plex, should i change it to /mnt/cache? Thanks!
  2. Hello guys, Recently i bought this 4 port nic. https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c01172432 I have a hp microserver gen 8 and i successfully passthrough this nic to 4 vms in unraid . Problem is, it seems it only gives 2 mac addresses. Is it because it has 2 network chips? I thought a 4 port nic would have a diferent mac address on each port. I discovered this after 2 hours of loop reconfiguring my switch, to realize host was flapping between ports.... Thanks!
  3. Thanks man! Its working in 6.6.0 rc4. You are awsome, even now when you dont own a proliant anymore you care about updates. Your my hero!
  4. Duh! It seems i haven't read enough. Solution is here:
  5. Hi guys, I've already read spaceinvaders passthrough guide and this forum but i still cant get my 4port nic to passthrough This is my error: First it was sharing iommu so i had do enable pcie acs override. Now the nic is in 2 diferent iommu This is my syslinux config default menu.c32 menu title Lime Technology, Inc. prompt 0 timeout 50 label unRAID OS menu default kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream pci-stub.ids=8086:10bc initrd=/bzroot label unRAID OS GUI Mode kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui label unRAID OS Safe Mode (no plugins, no GUI) kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream initrd=/bzroot unraidsafemode label unRAID OS GUI Safe Mode (no plugins) kernel /bzimage append pcie_acs_override=downstream initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui unraidsafemode label Memtest86+ kernel /memtest Any clue? Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, ive noticed poor performance on my hpmicroserver gen 8 lately, so i run a speed test today and indeed something is wrong... It was working perfectly until now. I have fast cpu xeon 1265L 16gig ram All disks are wd red and should perform at 100mb/s. What is happening? All drives are more or less equally filled. How can i troubleshoot this?
  7. Hi guys, has anyone tried to run preview generator on docker? Can you guide me please? I have tried to create the variable path /config/www/nextcloud so i can run occ from docker exec but i get this error on container log: importas: fatal: unable to exec export: No such file or directory Am i missing something? I would like to pre generate all the thumbnails so mobile nextcloud goes faster
  8. omg it works wonders! Thanks Dmitry Its soooo underrated this app
  9. Hi guys, I need some advice please. I currently dont have any parity disks, i have an array of 4 disks and one of them is dying (disk3). I am using unbalance atm to empty this drive. I am not 100% sure on what to do next. I have read docs that say to stop the array and in tools "new config". Is this correct? and i dont understand option "Preserve current assignments" do i have to click this, my goal is to not loose files? Thanks. I will sure get a parity drive to avoid this situations.
  10. Hello! Has anyone tried and accomplished to install zerotier software inside unraid? I love how this software works creating a huge network outside your house but i cant install it in unraid. Could you please help me ? Thanks
  11. Sorry, didnt see you replied to me, i forgot this post days after Where does it says i only use half a cpu? I am lost, i thought my config is all cpu and dedicates half cpu with this line Could you help me with my config so it uses all cpu? Thanks append isolcpus=2,3,6,7 initrd=/bzroot
  12. Good Morning, After 2 days struggling to increase vm performance, i need help. I have read every single thread about fixing common problems, unraid wiki, cpu pinning, cpu pairing etc...but i just cannot tweak this to have a decent performance. This is my setup asrock pro 3 gen 3 Xeon e3-1260L 8 gig ram GTX 1060 This is my VM config <domain type='kvm'> <name>Windows 10</name> <uuid>678722a5-f79a-091c-0f22-589cbfffc33c</uuid> <metadata> <vmtemplate xmlns="unraid" name="Windows 10" icon="windows.png" os="windows10"/> </metadata> <memory unit='KiB'>6291456</memory> <currentMemory unit='KiB'>6291456</currentMemory> <memoryBacking> <nosharepages/> </memoryBacking> <vcpu placement='static'>4</vcpu> <cputune> <vcpupin vcpu='0' cpuset='2'/> <vcpupin vcpu='1' cpuset='3'/> <vcpupin vcpu='2' cpuset='6'/> <vcpupin vcpu='3' cpuset='7'/> </cputune> <os> <type arch='x86_64' machine='pc-i440fx-2.7'>hvm</type> <loader readonly='yes' type='pflash'>/usr/share/qemu/ovmf-x64/OVMF_CODE-pure-efi.fd</loader> <nvram>/etc/libvirt/qemu/nvram/678722a5-f79a-091c-0f22-589cbfffc33c_VARS-pure-efi.fd</nvram> </os> <features> <acpi/> <apic/> <hyperv> <relaxed state='on'/> <vapic state='on'/> <spinlocks state='on' retries='8191'/> <vendor_id state='on' value='none'/> </hyperv> </features> <cpu mode='host-passthrough'> <topology sockets='1' cores='2' threads='2'/> </cpu> <clock offset='localtime'> <timer name='hypervclock' present='yes'/> <timer name='hpet' present='no'/> </clock> <on_poweroff>destroy</on_poweroff> <on_reboot>restart</on_reboot> <on_crash>restart</on_crash> <devices> <emulator>/usr/local/sbin/qemu</emulator> <disk type='file' device='disk'> <driver name='qemu' type='raw' cache='writeback'/> <source file='/mnt/user/domains/Windows 10/vdisk1.img'/> <target dev='hdc' bus='virtio'/> <boot order='1'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x04' function='0x0'/> </disk> <disk type='file' device='cdrom'> <driver name='qemu' type='raw'/> <source file='/mnt/user/isos/SW_DVD5_Win_Pro_10_1511_64BIT_Spanish_MLF_X20-82462.ISO'/> <target dev='hda' bus='ide'/> <readonly/> <boot order='2'/> <address type='drive' controller='0' bus='0' target='0' unit='0'/> </disk> <disk type='file' device='cdrom'> <driver name='qemu' type='raw'/> <source file='/mnt/user/isos/virtio-win-0.1.141.iso'/> <target dev='hdb' bus='ide'/> <readonly/> <address type='drive' controller='0' bus='0' target='0' unit='1'/> </disk> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-ehci1'> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x7'/> </controller> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-uhci1'> <master startport='0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x0' multifunction='on'/> </controller> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-uhci2'> <master startport='2'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x1'/> </controller> <controller type='usb' index='0' model='ich9-uhci3'> <master startport='4'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x07' function='0x2'/> </controller> <controller type='pci' index='0' model='pci-root'/> <controller type='ide' index='0'> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x01' function='0x1'/> </controller> <controller type='virtio-serial' index='0'> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x03' function='0x0'/> </controller> <interface type='bridge'> <mac address='52:54:00:79:61:b2'/> <source bridge='br0'/> <model type='virtio'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x02' function='0x0'/> </interface> <serial type='pty'> <target port='0'/> </serial> <console type='pty'> <target type='serial' port='0'/> </console> <channel type='unix'> <target type='virtio' name='org.qemu.guest_agent.0'/> <address type='virtio-serial' controller='0' bus='0' port='1'/> </channel> <input type='mouse' bus='ps2'/> <input type='keyboard' bus='ps2'/> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </source> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x05' function='0x0'/> </hostdev> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='pci' managed='yes'> <driver name='vfio'/> <source> <address domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x1b' function='0x0'/> </source> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x06' function='0x0'/> </hostdev> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='usb' managed='no'> <source> <vendor id='0x046d'/> <product id='0xc049'/> </source> <address type='usb' bus='0' port='1'/> </hostdev> <hostdev mode='subsystem' type='usb' managed='no'> <source> <vendor id='0x0a81'/> <product id='0x0101'/> </source> <address type='usb' bus='0' port='2'/> </hostdev> <memballoon model='virtio'> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00' slot='0x08' function='0x0'/> </memballoon> </devices> </domain> and this is my syslinux.cfg default /syslinux/menu.c32 menu title Lime Technology, Inc. prompt 0 timeout 50 label unRAID OS menu default kernel /bzimage append isolcpus=2,3,6,7 initrd=/bzroot label unRAID OS GUI Mode kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui label unRAID OS Safe Mode (no plugins, no GUI) kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot unraidsafemode label unRAID OS GUI Safe Mode (no plugins) kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot,/bzroot-gui unraidsafemode label Memtest86+ kernel /memtest I have tried Windows 10 and Windows 7 with better benchmark in windows 7 but overall performance better in windows 10. I have tried giving it 7 gigs of ram and 4. I have passthrough my all SSD drive with almost same results. Tried with hyper-v on and off Its seems like with any task my cpu load, memory load and disk load go 70-100%. I dont have the screenshot but even downloading a game from Steam my disk goes 100% with only 20mb/s and also my cpu goes 70%. I really want this system to work. Any help appreciated. I have run passmark and for cpu it gives me 3k-4k result when this cpu can go 6-7k. Only GPU seems to work fine and give good results, everything else is slow. Sorry for my bad english, i am learning. Best Regards, Joao.