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  1. Hi guys, I'm currently struggling to configure BackInTime to properly backup my machines to my Unraid server. I have a share that is supposed to keep my backups exported through NFS but can't write to it from my clients. What I want to achieve: My Unraid server is normally sleeping, but when I turn on my Client PC and BackInTime is due to a backup (once a week) it wakes up the server and starts the backup process. After that the server goes back to sleep if no other connectivity/activity is using it. Any help on setting this up? My clients run Ubuntu 20
  2. Hey guys, I'm currently using a Debian VM for surfing in Unraid, but my imagequality is really bad using the remote VNC in Chromium. I tried other browsers, but for example in Firefox I can't see my mouse cursor. So do you guys have any suggests for a Linux VM? On my my machine I'm using Fedora, but my VM isn't started up for longer periods, so don't know how good that one cope with the semi-rolling release of Fedora.
  3. For client backups to my Unraid server I would really like to use BorgBackup. In order for BorBackup to work there needs to run a server instance, so it would be really nice if someone could make a Docker container for BorgBackup.
  4. Hi guys, I'm currently thinking about a proper backup strategy for my client-PCs in my network. I want the backups to be stored on my Unraid server. My question now: Can you guys recommend any backup solutions for multiple clients? What looks really good to me is borgbackup, there is Vorta as a GUI for Windows and Linux. But for this to work there needs to run borgbackup on the server. Vorta also has an easy way to send an command before backup, so that my clients will wake up my server to start the backup. I didn't find it using CA and although th
  5. Hi guys, I recently switched hardware and I just woke the new server up and I checked the log and see a couple of these error messages popping up: print_req_error: I/O error, dev sdg, sector 7814036992 print_req_error: I/O error, dev sde, sector 15628052992 print_req_error: I/O error, dev sdi, sector 15628052992 The new hardware: MSI B450-A Pro MAX AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX (CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16) LSI 9211-8i (IT-Mode) 500W Enermax power supply 5x8TB WD Red (two parity) 3x4TB WD Red 500GB Samsung Evo
  6. So I've got my new 8TB HDDs and already precleared one of them and copied over the data of 2 smaller HDDs (3TB and 4TB). I have yet to preclear two other 8TB drives and I'm wondering if I can preclear them simultaneously? I use the preclear plugin to do this. The HDDs are plugged in to my LSI 9211 (IT Mode).
  7. Anything special that I should setup before switching the server hardware? As the APU is pretty new, should I directly jump to the latest 6.8 RC-version to get the newest kernel? Glad that there are other AMD users here.
  8. I also just got my LSI 9211 8i card and it looks kinda suspicious to me. I ordered it on Amazon and thought I would be safe that way. So I'm wondering if someone here could give me insight if mine is fake. It has a SAS 2008-8i chipset. Here is the product pic of mine:
  9. I did try it again and Unraid states that the test is ongoing, the first 10% are done extremely fast in 2min, but then it kinda halts there. I again logged out and went to bed and logged back in today and Unraid says again that there are no tests done.
  10. I run my server headless as well but it is always a hassle to get boards to properly boot without one (might not be a problem with real server boards, but these systems are kinda overkill for my usecase). And I find it nice to be able to plug in a screen if there is something amiss (had to do this a while back before I bought the Intel NIC, the Realtek one acted up and I couldn't access unraid via network. I will take the 9211 then and not the Adaptec.
  11. Thanks for your reply and Happy that someone else is building a Ryzen based server. I want to take the APU to not need a GPU and for power usage reasons. I really don't need that much CPU power.
  12. As it currently looks my trusty old unraid server is dying, so I'm looking for a new system. I wanted to give a Ryzen based server a go, as I'm running a 2700x based gaming rig. The current server: ASRock P67 Extreme6 Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1220 V2 @ 3.10GHz 8GB RAM (need to check for the exact type) Intel NIC (need to check for the exact type) 2x 8TB WD Red 4x 4TB WD Red 1x 3TB WD Green 1x 500GB Samsung Evo as Cache 500W Enermax Power supply (need to check for the exact type) The new Hardware: MSI B450-A Pro MA
  13. So did I do anything else wrong or why is there no test result?
  14. Ok, so looks like I borked the extended SMART test. I did start it approx. 24 hours ago and waited till it said 10% completed. I then closed my Browser and shut down my PC (not the Unraid Server) and as I logged back in today and looked on the specific drive there are no self-tests logged on the drive. I set the spindown to never so that the test won't get interrupted by it. I attached the diags from just now, but I couldn't find anything in the system log itself that hints to the disapperence of the test. sirbear-diagnostics-20191106-2035.zip
  15. Yes, sorry, I immediately shut the server down to not loose any data. The extended SMART test is running right now, will report back once it's done (will be tomorrow I guess)
  16. Here are the current diags. sirbear-diagnostics-20191105-1759.zip
  17. Sorry for reanimating this old thread of mine, but my Server is doing it again. The same to disks got dropped from the array and Unraid states, that the WD-WCC4E3RD042A has read errors. So I guess the mainboard is finally dying? Do you guys suggest just buying an HBA (like the Adaptec RAID 8405 4 Port PCIe 3.0 x8) or should I completely scrap the board and buy a whole new system? Or are acutally the drives the issue here?
  18. Thank you @johnnie.black for your fast response! Just plugged the HDDs in the onboard controller and see how it goes from now on. Guess sooner or later I will have to invest in a proper HBA controller.
  19. So should I do any preparations before pluggin in the HDDs in a different controller? Or should I just shutdown the server and plug them in another SATA slot (coming from the board controller, not the Marvell controller of course)?
  20. Greetings all, I currently have the problem that some of my HDDs get dropped from the array and are listed in unassigend devices. I thought it might be a SATA-cable problem at first and changed the cables of these HDDs, but the got dropped again. I attached the diagnostics and hope that you guys can shed some light on this. I'm rather scared that my server is dying on me😰 UPDATE: So I just checked my array devices list and the devices are still listed there but also in unassigned list? I attached two screenshots, in those the dropped d
  21. Hi all, I just set up my first VM in Unraid. It's a Debian VM and I'm now struggling to achieve the datashare between the VM and my Unraid shares. I did read that I can integrate the VM into my normal network and can than access the shares via network just like a normal PC. But isn't there a way that won't integrate my VM in my normal network? I would prefer a way where I can mount a share or a folder on a share directly in the VM and leave the VM itself in it's own network.
  22. Thanks for your help! I shutdown my server, plugged in the USB-stick into my PC and made a backup. After that I deleted the network.cfg. I now have only eth0 listed and everything is working fine. So my case here is closed.
  23. Just tried to change the eth2 to eth0, but even after stopping the array I don't have a section called Interface Rules in Network Settings. Fix Common Problems is now stating, that my DNS settings are borked (this happened since I disabled the onboard NICs).
  24. I disabled both my onboard NICs in UEFI and upon booting into unRaid it states that eth0 can not be found on the console. I'm able to access the webinterface with the eth2 (Intel NIC) though, but in the network settings there is still the eth0 listed. Should I worry about the eth0 not found message during bootup?
  25. I don't want to use the Realtek NICs anymore, but by disabling them in the BIOS won't I lock myself out of the webinterface entirely? And is there another way, because I would have to drag a screen and a keyboard to the server to change this in the BIOS.