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  1. In your container variables make sure GID is 100, UID 99
  2. Thanks, all running now. The cronjob.sh in my appdata folder was very old, so I grabbed it from Git. There seems to be a couple of errors in that file (although my shell script is very basic, to say the least!): line 79 missing the i in if; "use_xTeveRP" isn't defined. Also the find in the cleanup section throws an error for me (find: -name requires an argument), but this may be my config. Thanks for all the help, really appreciated.
  3. Wiping cache seems to have got me further. I don't use the cronjob.sh, I run from user scripts and the first command in that file runs a script: docker exec -t xteve_guide2go /guide2go/sdGrabber sdGrabber file is below: #!/bin/bash set -x cd /guide2go guide2go -config free.yaml guide2go -config sky.yaml wget -O simply.xml "https://tinyurl.com/xxxxx" If I run this sdGrabber script from terminal, it now runs okay and I get my files, but the script never returns control. Any idea why this would happen? It's run all the script, and I get the same even if I comment the wget or add an exit as last line.
  4. Anyone having problems with xteve_guide2go? I'm using this with SD, and since Friday it's been hanging up on every run. I realised it was recently updated, so installed the master branch, but same issue. I run two lineups from a script, but after the first lineup it just hangs: 2024/03/18 09:46:51 [URL ] https://json.schedulesdirect.org/20141201/metadata/programs^M 2024/03/18 09:46:53 [G2G ] Create XMLTV File [freenew.xml]^M 2024/03/18 09:47:23 [G2G ] Clean up Cache [free_cache.json]^M 2024/03/18 09:47:23 [G2G ] Deleted Program Informations: 3239^M 2024/03/18 09:47:24 Listening on: :8080^M 2024/03/18 09:47:24 Using images/ folder as image path Any ideas?
  5. These dockers are really just a port of the official releases, so probably best to ask the question on the emby forums.
  6. Thanks @dlandon, this data has reappeared on the drive again after another reboot, so probably not worth wasting time on it. Really appreciate your efforts in any case. 🙌
  7. I have a problem since the latest update. My SMB Security had been reset to No, so I had no shared drive on the network. I've now changed this to Public: And the share is showing as mounted: The share shows on my PC, and I can get to it in /mnt/disks/LiveBackup from a shell, but in both places the disk shows as empty, 0 files. If I connect the disk directly to my PC it has content. This also happens when listing files in the folder: root@unRAIDpvr:/mnt/disks/LiveBackup# ls -al /bin/ls: reading directory '.': Input/output error total 0 Any ideas where the problem is? Thanks!
  8. Plex will (or at least used to) happily import an empty file and lose all your data. So I have g2g run first to an interim file (e.g. lineup1_temp.xml), then my script checks the size. If the size is good, I copy lineup1_temp.xml to lineup1.xml, which xteve will import. If not good I leave yesterday's lineup1.xml in place for xteve. SD is pretty flakey these days for me, probably fails once a week.
  9. Might be better posting in General Support with diagnostics.
  10. Yep, just from terminal. You have the "extra parameters" on the docker template?
  11. Working here. How did you try to enable it? In 6.9.1 just run "touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf" from shell, remove old lines for this gpu from your go file, and reboot. The usual extra parameters should be in your Emby docker config.
  12. I run dockers and appdata from cache. If you set system and appdata shares to Cache:Prefer and ran out of space, it should already have mixed array and cache - nothing is missing. If you want to change the mix of what's on array and cache (e.g. to get certain VMs on cache), you'll have to move things around manually. If you want to move the appdata share to the array, just set it back to Cache:Yes and invoke the mover. Also worth checking that none of your dockers are massive, as some can misbehave with the logging.
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