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  1. Plex will (or at least used to) happily import an empty file and lose all your data. So I have g2g run first to an interim file (e.g. lineup1_temp.xml), then my script checks the size. If the size is good, I copy lineup1_temp.xml to lineup1.xml, which xteve will import. If not good I leave yesterday's lineup1.xml in place for xteve. SD is pretty flakey these days for me, probably fails once a week.
  2. Might be better posting in General Support with diagnostics.
  3. Yep, just from terminal. You have the "extra parameters" on the docker template?
  4. Working here. How did you try to enable it? In 6.9.1 just run "touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf" from shell, remove old lines for this gpu from your go file, and reboot. The usual extra parameters should be in your Emby docker config.
  5. I run dockers and appdata from cache. If you set system and appdata shares to Cache:Prefer and ran out of space, it should already have mixed array and cache - nothing is missing. If you want to change the mix of what's on array and cache (e.g. to get certain VMs on cache), you'll have to move things around manually. If you want to move the appdata share to the array, just set it back to Cache:Yes and invoke the mover. Also worth checking that none of your dockers are massive, as some can misbehave with the logging.
  6. Set the share back to Cache:Prefer and run the mover.
  7. I upgraded to 6.9.0 and decided to reformat my cache (nvme pool) using the Mover process on this page: I went through the steps, checked all my cache content had moved to the array, then reformatted cache and brought up the array. But no dockers on my docker page, all gone. The docker location is correct: And my docker.img is there: The date implies it's been written since the restart though. Any ideas? Diagnostics attached. EDIT: Looks like I just need to add them all again. No idea why they would disappear though. unraidpvr-diagnostics-20210305-1407.zip
  8. Yes, a shame they did all the work on the drivers and didn't fix permissions. Thanks for the process, that's where I arrived in the end too.
  9. I just need it available in a docker, I don't have any VMs. But after running "modprobe i915" in shell and restarting the docker, still no joy.
  10. Thanks. Add it to the go file or i915.conf?
  11. Okay, so I ran the "touch /boot/config/modprobe.d/i915.conf", took the entries out of my go file and rebooted. Now I have no hardware encoders or decoders available in Emby. Was there something else I needed to do? Thanks for the assistance!
  12. Thanks, I didn't link the two. I assume this is a one-off?
  13. Thanks. So what would the new way entail for me (apart from cleaning the go file)?
  14. Sorry, I don't really understand the GPU talk here. I've upgraded to 6.9.0 fine, no issues, but I still have this in my go file: modprobe i915 chmod -R 777 /dev/dri Doesn't seem to be causing a problem. I put it there to get hardware transcoding with emby, which is probably working. Am I doing it wrong?