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  1. It's the one by jalle19: Having said that, my advice is to do what I did, dump telly and the proxy and move to xTeVe. Far smoother and more reliable, using the built-in buffer in xTeVe there's no need for a proxy.
  2. What's the "unraid.dvb" option in the build list, i.e. Edit: it has the same description as rc4.
  3. Yes, to you. There have been one or two reporting corruption on cache, but very rare. It's possible those were caused by moving corrupt databases to cache. Cache certainly seems safest.
  4. Regress to 6.6.7 or make sure all appdata is on a cache drive.
  5. Thanks, I was obviously confused. Set to Yes and now moved.
  6. I have two shares set to Cache Prefer, tv and plex: These are TV recording drives. Mover runs overnight and used to move the recordings to the array. I just noticed this has stopped working. Mover runs but finishes straight away: There are files in these shares but they just don't get picked up. Any idea where I'm going wrong? Diagnostics attached. Thanks. unraidpvr-diagnostics-20190924-0749.zip
  7. or 3. Try 6.7.3-rc3 where limetech thinks it's fixed.
  8. It's an intermittent problem, chances are if plexpass failed, plex will eventually fail too.
  9. Limetech posted this yesterday, which implies that they're not sure whether it is fixed by cache drive, and that it's not fixed in 6.8: Here:
  10. Do you have appdata on cache? That seems to avoid the problem.
  11. All my appdata is on cache pool, no corruption on 6.7.2 since release.
  12. Check Q5 in the following Github link:  https://github.com/binhex/documentation/blob/master/docker/faq/unraid.md
  13. You need to map them in Plex settings in manage channels. So you need an epg source too. You can specify the epg XML file in the telly config, and tell Plex to use the telly epg at http://<telly IP>/epg.xml