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  1. Is it okay to post my logs or how do I troubleshoot? I ran a diagnostics but I'm not sure what to even look for. I've done nothing new. My cache isn't f
  2. i have my dockers back up and running... the only thing now is to get the vm's back up. Ive attached my diag. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.
  3. So I've moved all of the appdata and system files to the cache via MC and im still not getting my apps nor vms running.
  4. this is making sense. Thanks so much for the plex transfer is taking forever as expected. I now see how this works. Just wondering... I know someone said that the "mover" was built to basically do this but what I was talking about is a built-in file browser where its basically impossible to mess up unraid. Maybe a future version of unraid can do this? I'm not the smartest person and i find myself boogering up my server soooo often. I absolutely love unraid and wouldn't use any other tool.
  5. I believe im doing this right? Im moving from disk1 appdata to cache/appdata.... and im supposed to do the same with my system forlder as well?
  6. Wouldnt it make sense to have a built-in file mover in unraid? Is this possible?
  7. Yeah...i downgraded as well and my apps and vms are still missing so im going to upgrade again and try to get this fixed....i have too much to loose ...this sucks.
  8. Maybe I should just restore the previous version? Not sure what to do.
  9. ive done all this and still no dice. Here is my latest diagnostics.
  10. Also...ive been running "compute" for a while now...does it take a bit?
  12. So it appears that the update went smoothly ...however my apps and vms are not showing at all. Wut Do?