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  1. Hello found a beta bios with agesa 1004b for Asus Prime x370-pro Tried it and passtrough is now working again: https://www.hardwareluxx.de/community/threads/prime-x370-pro-combopi_1004patchb.1251325/ Just wanted to share if anyone need it. Asus prime x370-pro + ryzen 1700x
  2. Also using XFS filesystem and using default tunables. Also running xfs on cache
  3. It takes a few minutes copying before I get disk spinup or read requests to. If I copying a large file everything is good for around 15gb (around same time my transfer speed goes from 119MB/s to around 70MB/s) then after that I get reads from all disks.
  4. I think it means: When Writing a file to a single disk you get some read request from all the other disks, even the boot flash drive. This is a problem because it wakes up all disks in the system (start spinning), on unraid 6.6.6 you dont get these reads from other disks, it only keeps it to the disk you write to plus parity letting the rest of the disks stopped (not spinning). So in practice all my disks is now spinning all the time, and before it was mosty one or two disks spinning (none at night or work time). Running some dockers and these makes some small read/writes to cache disk (ssd) and that keeps the rest of my disks from going to sleep because unraid now reads from all disks when you write to just one.
  5. Only having the Main page open to look at read/write values. I dont think there are anything else trying to read disk info. and I get reads even on boot flash drive.. This seems to happen at the same time the write speed goes down when writing. And you can see my share is a user share that is just permitted to use disk 3. After going back to 6.6.6 all these problems is gone and my unused disks can be spin downed
  6. Update: Tried to rollback to 6.7.0rc1 same problem, so it seems this was introduced in the rc1 Went back to 6.6.6 and now the problem is gone.
  7. After more testing turning turbo write on and off did nothing. Seems to be exactly the same problems as op. When writing to my array I get some reads from the rest of my disks resulting in all disks spinning up. The reads from the other disks seems to begin at the same time the transfer speed drops 10-15GB into the transfer. (most of the times) Seems to happen when I write to cache only share also 10-15GB into the transfer. (gets reads from all drives except parity this time) Also getting reads from flash device just like op said.
  8. I'm shure there is writing to cashe (SSD) but this should not spin up other disks. And this worked fine on 6.6.6 and 6.7.0rc1. Only noticed it after updating to rc2 that all my disks is spinning when normal behavior is none at night and 1-2 disks during daytime. Will try to change turbo write and some other settings to see if that helps
  9. Turbo write is "Tunable (md_write_mehtod)" right? And I'm only reading from disk no writhing. Still all disks spins up (maybe some read/write to cache but this should not spin up disks)
  10. no turbo write here. same settings as on 6.6.6 and 6.7.0rc1 Tunable (md_write_mehtod) is set to auto Tried to manual spin down all disks and after a few minutes all disks are now spinning. Only activity is watching a tv show from one of the disks
  11. I'm also noticing some unusual disk activity Updated from rc1 to rc2 and now all my disks is spinning mostly all the time. before it was normal with one or two disk spinning. Disks are set to spin down after 3 hours.
  12. Ok is that new behavior in the 6.6.0 release? I'm almost certain I have gotten update notification from older rc to new stable before 6.6.0rc
  13. I did not get any notification when running 6.6.0rc4 had to manually go to tools -> update os and change from next to stable to get the update. Settings -> Notification Settings -> Unraid OS update notification is set to check once a day Was running 6.6.0rc4 for almost 2 weeks before I noticed 6.6.1 was out.
  14. When using the default config and ports I cannot get the unifi controller to connect to my AP, both switches connects ok but my AP just says adopting. When I change host settings in docker template from brigde to host my AP connects. Any suggestions? Edit: Found a solution. Everything is now working in bridge mode: This solved it for me: https://community.ubnt.com/t5/UniFi-Wireless/UniFi-is-stuck-at-Adopting/m-p/1934672/highlight/true#M228055