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  1. Sorry, I thought last update was 2016...I apologize.... Thnx
  2. Is this available? Just to observe and check/generate logs w/o the possibility of making any changes to the system... Thnx
  3. Mat1926

    GPU Passthru

    Thnx for the response...It was only an idea. I did notice the Linus group are using UNRAID virtualization features heavily, and a lot of users here are using dockers and VMs. I am not using any of that at all, just a basic NAS storage system. Thnx
  4. Thnx, is "Previous" the name of the folder also?
  5. How do you do that manually?! I mean if I was forced to take the USB out, connect it to my windows desktop, then shall I just move some files from one folder to another...then reboot? If so, which files/folders? Thnx
  6. Mat1926

    GPU Passthru

    I use my system for storage only. I am only asking in case I decided to build a new system with virtualization in mind. When passingthru different hardware to Win10 VMs, are we getting 100% physical install performance? Are there any caveats? Do you guys also do the same with other OSs? Thnx
  7. I've been waiting for days just to see that everything was okay before upgrading. I did notice that most of the reported issues were related to some plugins, I only have CA and FCP, so I think I am okay... I did the upgrade, my Java viewer also worked w/o problems, however I did notice a single error, and few warnings. This error, and some of the warnings I was told to disregard them in the past, and perhaps keep my eyes on my MB bios update for a fix, but perhaps there are 2 additional warnings that I just noticed... I would appreciate it if someone looked at these and told me if I can just ignore them... Thnx
  8. Before upgrading, would someone please confirm that I shouldn't have any issues related to the JAVA viewer? You can get full details of my MB in my signature... Thnx
  9. Before deciding to choose unRAID, I tested windows 2016 pool. I liked how easy it was to setup everything, and the fact that its interface was similar to Windows 10 was a big plus. But, I discovered that in order to have something marginally comparable to a 2 parity setup, I needed to start with at least 7 drives! Also, I could not figure out MS setup, because it seemed to me I lose more space than 2 drives for dual parity, and the more drives I add to the pool, the more space is lost! It just did not make any sense to me. Maybe it was meant for sophisticated enterprise level storage systems, but definitely not for me, unRAID was way ahead...Sorry, but when I saw that 5 drives reference I recalled my not so good experience with Windows 2016...
  10. I like this theme, and waiting for the new windows oct update for the dark theme also