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  1. Thank you @binhex for the clarification!
  2. OK now I'm confused. Assuming AirVPN forwards port 9999 for me, are you saying I don't need to touch the Host Ports (-p 58846:58846 as mentioned on https://github.com/binhex/arch-delugevpn) but I need to set my incoming port to 9999 in Deluge's web UI? Sorry if I'm being slow about this. Thanks for your patience and your great work on these dockers!
  3. from that answer: This means setting the host port to whatever port I am forwarding from my VPN provider, right?
  4. Is there a reliable way to tell if I'm connectable from within the container? Is qBittorrent's icon (lower right) being green enough?
  5. Yeah., I saw that too. Regardless of port forwarding, I was always able to torrent at close to full speed. As of late I can't get above about 600 KB/s total. I've tried using Deluge as well as a non-VPN qB docker, and the problem is definitely related to going through the VPN.
  6. A new version just came out, although I don't see any references to automatic torrent management in the changelog: https://www.qbittorrent.org/news.php
  7. Thank you. That's interesting reading. I am using NordVPN and this is definitely a new issue, I am wondering if they recently disabled port forwarding... Assuming it is possible, I should have 6881 as my container port and then whatever NordVPN assign me as my host port?
  8. Quick question about container and host ports: if I have 6881 (container) and 6891 (host) as seen here: then I need to have: 6881 set as my incoming port in the qBittorrent web UI 6891 forwarded from my router, to the server's IP ( Are my assumptions correct?
  9. Hi. I'm trying to run both a qBittorrentVPN and a DelugeVPN (both by binhex) docker simultaneously - that way I can use two different sets of configurations. This doesn't seem to work though, either one or the other downloads, the other will invariably time out. Shouldn't this be possible? I've attempted to set my ports so that they don't conflict: is my server's local IP. I've set up qBittorrent to use port 6881 internally, and Deluge using 58946. Is there anything obvious I am missing? Thanks for any ideas...
  10. Dare we ask what tools you use to come up with these awesome clean-looking representations of our cases? Illustrator or something...?
  11. These are great! THANK YOU Mex! 😃
  12. Thank you @Mex for taking the time to do these custom icons! They all look great and I've enjoyed just browsing through this thread. Having said that... any chance you could add the Lian Li PC-Q25? I'm sure there are quite a few unRAID users who own this cute little case. I'm attaching the "cleanest" frontal view image of it I could find.... I tried creating my own line art from it but let's just say, I don't think I'm very talented at this... 😬 If you need, there are lots more pictures out there, for example at B&H. Thanks again, would be awesome if you find some time to do this when you can. 🙂
  13. I would be curious to know this as well...
  14. Hi. I am trying to sync a few shares to a Synology box, which sits behind a VPN router. If I VPN into it, I can access the Synology at a local IP (192.168...) but then I can no longer connect to my Unraid box at its local address! It seems I can either connect to one subnet or another, if that makes any sense. Do you have any suggestions for connecting to both machines simultaneously? Am I getting myself confused here? I could swear this used to work.... Using Tunnelblick to connect to my VPN, if that makes any difference. Thanks for any tips!