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  1. As has been said by more than one user, when this plugin says there are hash errors but external tools say the hashes/files have not changed, you cannot blame anything but this plugin. My server is 100% fine. If it were not, there would be other issues rearing their heads. This plugin incorrectly stating files have changed is a problem with this plugin. Again, I am not the only person that has reported this issue. And it's not like I'm here fuming mad about an issue the dev(s) are unaware of. I'm simply reporting, again, that the plugin does not properly do what it is designed to do. It really does not matter to me at all if it ever works, as the more I think about it there isn't even much purpose to it. Other hash tools report unchanged hashes. Parity does not complain. So is my file actually corrupt because the plugin states it is? Incredibly unlikely. If you take half a dozen hash tools and they all report the same hash, at some point you have to believe the hash is correct. What bothers me is person after person trickling into this thread every now and then reporting, seemingly full of anxiety and in a panic, that their file(s) are being reported as corrupt. When the fact of the matter is their files are more than likely 100% fine, and the plugin simply is malfunctioning. Reporting that it is not functioning correctly for everyone and to not trust it as a result is most certainly constructive.
  2. Sorry, but randomly giving incorrect hash errors on files that haven't changed is not something that I would call working well.
  3. Seems unnecessary to me. I'm sure your drive is taking care of that for you just fine. Not like this tool can be trusted anyway.
  4. Frankly, I would be more inclined to believe you have exactly zero corrupt files, and are simply one of a few of us that are reporting that the plugin doesn't seem to behave properly for. Files don't usually go corrupt on people when simply sitting on a hard drive. The hard drive's electronics work with algorithms designed to detect whether or not a read was successful. They can detect when a read was faulty and the data was corrupt. If you are not seeing the drive reporting that there have been read errors, I would not worry about whether or not your data is corrupt. It likely isn't if no read errors are being reported. For whatever reason, the plugin doesn't seem to be behaving properly for everyone that has tried it. Some of us, perhaps a very small minority, have seen reports of corruption from the plugin, but we also have other hashes from other hashing tools on hand that say the files haven't actually changed. The plugin is saying they have changed, but since the other hashing tools are still reporting the original hashes for those files, it stands to reason that the files have not changed and that something is behaving incorrectly with the plugin. If the other hash tools were giving different results then we might suspect actual file corruption. But with other hash tools still agreeing with previously established hashes, that narrows it down to the plugin being the only one misbehaving. If you're not getting read errors reported from the hard drive, I wouldn't worry about it, and I'd simply uninstall the plugin. It would be nice to have an automated hashing system in place, but if it doesn't seem to be working properly it isn't of much use.
  5. If you read a few of the recent posts it would seem to indicate that your files are likely just fine and the plugin might not be workng properly.
  6. Cache Directories started misbehaving on me a few months back, chewing CPU like crazy after an unknown amount of time, so I stopped using it. I'm not sure if this was because I was stuck on an older version of unRAID or not, but at the time I had not yet figured out how to get my machine to behave with the latest version(s) of unRAID. It is certainly possible that there was some issue with the latest version of the plugin and the older version of unRAID, but which might not exist if unRAID were updated. I haven't tried it again yet to check if the issue is gone now that I'm updated. On the occasions where your machine doesn't sleep is is possible Cache Directories is chewing CPU for you, too?
  7. Nope, overlooked that until you said the Docker service must be stopped, and it didn't work. You didn't mention the VM service, but I could've seen the message on the settings page if I'd read more carefully, too.
  8. ok, it worked! Thanks for taking a look for me! I changed the MTU to 1500 in 6.5.3 and then upgraded to the latest release candidate and the web interface is up and running. Woohaa!
  9. Got it. You need to disable the Docker service and the VM service, too. Going to try upgrading again now.
  10. Hmm, well, disabling the Docker service didn't do the trick for allowing me to change those network settings. Still can't click anything there.
  11. Thanks for your time, guys. ok, I was just wondering why it wasn't letting me change anything at all on that page, not just MTU. I'll change that to 1500 and try upgrading again. 1500 or 1514? I seem to recall 1500 being the norm. I wonder why the newer version doesn't like the other setting that works ok in the older version.
  12. Yeah, it's not letting me change it in the browser settings page, either. Seems like that's the default and has worked fine with 6.5.3 all this time. Where am I going to find that? One of the rc files? This is a screenshot of the settings page working as usual with 6.5.3 install that's been humming along fine since 6.5.3's release. Something change with the ethernet driver after that point?
  13. I would guess so. While it appears it may work correctly most of the time for most everyone, some of us have run into erroneous corrupt file messages, among other things. In my case, the corrupt files still show/match the same hashes with other hash utils, so I'm not sure it's worth bothering with anymore, at least for the moment. Naturally, hard to fix if the dev can't replicate.