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  1. Gonesolo

    Anybody planning a Ryzen build?

    Wraith Prism - not in my experience PSU - 650 wont do it. I know servers with less drives that need dual 1100W Memory - Memory tends to work or not work, if you get a good supplier refurb can be ok. But it probably wont last as long. SATA - LSI are recognised name with SAS cards and the 9211 is a decent card. However a SAS card has 4 lanes/phy for data (per connector) if you connect more than 4 disks to a connector they will be sharing the bandwidth of the connector/cable
  2. 16Gb DDR4 even thats not being mostly used at the moment.
  3. 16Gb, Dont really have memory issues. CPU is limiting factor for me at the moment. looking to upgrade.
  4. Gonesolo

    Windows 10 VM first boot fails. [FIXED]

    Ok managed to sort it. My Domains share was too small. Adding the Windows 10 VM was the straw that filled the camels back. Updated my domains share so its now on my larger disks and got my Windows VM working with no issues. Thanks all for the assist.
  5. Gonesolo

    Windows 10 VM first boot fails. [FIXED]

    Thanks for the video link but I've already watched Spaceinvader One's tutorials (on this and a couple other UNRAID items.) I re-downloaded a Windows 10 ISO and re-tried the install. Now the install hangs when "Copying Files" and the VM goes into a "Paused" state according to the UNRAID GUI. So I thought I'd spin up my previously working VM's but they both now hang during boot also. I tried to look at the logs (Click the running VM and click logs) but the Window never shows anything - spinning circle of hope I've also now tried two different browsers just to make sure that wasn't the issue. I never made any changes to the default VM setup on UNRAID. Should I have changed something?
  6. So I've been running UNRAID for a while now and I like it. Have some dockers setup. Want to setup a Windows 10 VM - eventually as my main machine so will be doing GPU pass thru, but not even at that point yet. Just trying to get a working Win10 VM at this point. So new VM I've tried setting 1 core up to all 4 cores Memory - starting with 4Gb Hard disk size 70Gb ISO downloaded from Microsoft today. Video - VNC (tried default and cirrus options) Also the virtio ISO is virtio-win-0.1.141-1.iso (although during install I think the Ver number shows different) Anyway. Start install - connect to VNC all good Can add the VirtIO driver and select install location. After windows has copied all files and reboots for first time It gets to "Getting Ready" with the spinning circle of dots and then just freezes. The VM will only respond to a Forced shutdown I've tried this a number of times with the same result each time. This is not my first VM I have two others UCS domain servers and they work fine (although they are turn off at the moment) Anyone any ideas? please?
  7. Gonesolo

    [Support] Malfurious - Roundcube-Postfixadmin

    Any luck with the error [ERROR] Container IP not found with embedded DNS server... Abort ! which kamhighway reported? I am also having a similar issue on a new unraid install. If I disable networking the docker will run but obviously thats no use but using either Host or bridge networking I get this error