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  1. I'm reading that right now, but there's nothing popping up for me in the HA interface on reboot.. There's nothing else I should do with the docker now when I got the deCONZ interface working and finding sensors? EDIT: I did the API thing, and then in HA I could find it and the sensor. 😃 Thanks. /Söder
  2. Great. It's live for me. I even found my first unit (Aqara Termometer och hygrometer) in a couple of seconds. 😃 I will now spend some time to get these units in to Home Assistant in some way. 😃 /Söder
  3. About "adding the user to the dial out", the "sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER", if I use the terminal from within the unraid interface, I'm root. Does that mean I just should do "sudo usermod -a -G dialout root" ? I've got the docker running now, and bought the Conbee II stick today and plugged it in the server. lsusb points me to Bus 002 Device 005: ID 1cf1:0030 Dresden Elektronik and I've set "/dev/bus/usb/002/005" in the deCONZ device and rebuilded the docker. How should it look in the deCONZ interface if the server and software recognizes the usb-stick? Thanks. EDIT: I changed my device to /dev/ttyACM0 and now it worked. The /dev/bus/usb path is for something else? /Söder
  4. I'm about to buy a Conbee II myself, and would like to have it working with my Home Assistant server running on my unraid-server. I think I even need help with installing the docker to unraid, since it's not even available via the community apps plugin. Is there some kind of guide for doing that? Thanks. /Söder
  5. That's why I wrote as I did in my post. 😃 I thought that I maybe could get some help with it anyways. /Söder
  6. I wonder if I might get some help with my problem in here, even though it's not a docker problem. I just updated my Mac to 10.15 Catalina, and now I can't access the controller on my server any longer. Before the update I got the "Your connection is not private" message, but pressing Advanced I could go on anyway. That's not available now. I might have had this problem before, and then doing some kind of certificate, that's now invalid, but I don't remember what I did and I don't know what to do now. Please help me with this. Thanks. /Söder
  7. I got a unRAID server running 6.7.0. I got two WD 8TB disk as a array on 16TB. with about 5TB free. I use no parity disk, and the array is configured to keep whole files on the disks The server and SMART say there might be a problem on one of the disk, and I've bought a new one to exchange the error disk. What's the easiest way for me doing this? I want to transfer all the data that's on one disk to another, and keep the other old one together with the new one as the same 16TB array. Thanks. /Söder
  8. Actually he's running LibreELEC on a NUC with a Plex Server add-on. So, it's at least Linux. I guess it's not a docker... /Söder
  9. I'm pretty new to Plex, but I just updated my server to a i5 2500K that shall be able to do hw encoding for Plex. I signed up for a Plex Pass and I've added "--device /dev/dri:/dev/dri" where I should, but the other commands I've only runned in the terminal, not added to some "go" file. Anyhow, I get "hw" when I check in dashboard in Plex. But I also got friend that only became Plex Pass users and then got that check mark in settings to activate hw encoding. I wonder if this still is up to date info or what am I missing? Is this some kind of unraid thing to get the hw? Thanks. /Söder
  10. Is there a way to make the logs working for proftpd? I've edited the config file, but it doesn't work. # Control Logging - comment and uncomment as needed # If logging Directory is world writeable the server won't start! # If no SystemLog is defined proftpd will log to servers syslog. #SystemLog NONE #SystemLog /boot/config/plugins/ProFTPd/slog #TransferLog NONE TransferLog /boot/config/plugins/ProFTPd/xferlog WtmpLog NONE But the xferlog always empty for me... /Söder
  11. Sorry for hijacking this thread, but it kind of was about the same thing I wonder. I've for many years used LibreELEC for my media, and I've got this program https://github.com/1100101/Automatic as an addon running in LibreELEC. Now I've switched to unRAID as server, and got a VERO 4k running OSMC instead, and I kind of want to use the same program. Is there a way having it as a docker, or just run the program, in unRAID? /Söder
  12. First, thanks for a great reply. I love it when I get replies like that. Also, when we think about this, we should know that I do not use a parity disk for my array. Since it's mostly downloaded media, I decided that I could risk not having a parity drive for that array. Soo, there's no drawback with writing to the array, more than SSD>HDD in speed, and that a HDD needs to spin. About using a cache drive for the FTP or not, I also think doesn't matter that much, since I only use the FTP to give some friends access to my media. I put it on /mnt/cache/FTP since I saw others did it that way, and of course that a SSD is faster and all that. But just like you said, I right now doesn't keep my /mnt/user/media on the cache drive, since when I did many downloads, or large downloads, only one or two files could fit on my 80GB SSD cache. The first day I tried it, it worked well, since two files was using the cache, and the other downloads when directly to the array (since the cache had no space), but day two, when I tried to also download some files, the torrents that didn't fit on the cache, didn't just go directly to the array, but was instead stopped in Transmission since there was no space left on the storage. I then changed it back for my "media" to not use the cache. And, when I later created the FTP folder (or share) in /mnt/cache/ and said "no" to if use cache, I got an "error" with the "fix common problems" plugin that I had the FTP folder on the cache, but had settings to "no". And, about your last "edit", all my downloads in Transmission goes directly to "/downloads/videos/movies" in Transmission, where the "/downloads" part in the Transmission Docker is /mnt/user/media/, and there for my downloads all goes in to /mnt/user/media/videos/movies and not set to use the cache. /Söder
  13. But, it's not Transmission I got a problem with, but something that's called "Automatic". /Söder Skickat från min ONEPLUS A3003 via Tapatalk