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  1. Oh, i didn't know there was a Plex pass version. I was hammering F5 on the docker site under "tags" and couldn't find any 1.23-version. That's why I thought this docker wasn't updated. Thanks. EDIT: It works for me now. 4K HEVC HDR to 1080p SDR HW. i3 10100 cpu /Söder
  2. Check my post above, where I find out how to downgrade. It's just to change "latest" to a specific version you want, and press Apply. Then the docker is rebuilt. I've read that the newer version 1.23 should have fixed this problem with 4K HDR hw to SDR issue, but the docker is still not updated to 1.23. /Söder
  3. Hmm, today, there's a new version for me to update to in Unraid, even though I've done like i wrote in the previous post. How come there's an update then? /Söder
  4. But, how do I do that in Unraid with Plex in docker? Is there an easy way? Edit: I'm using this docker (are there any differences on the dockers, anyone I should use instead?). and when when changing from "latest" to "" in VERSION on the "edit docker page" in Unraid and press Apply, I'm still on Version in when I'm checking from a browser. Edit2: Is it version- I shall write instead? Or do I need to specify more? Edit3: was the exact line. Now I'm down do the working version. When Plex has fixed the problem, what is the best version to be on then? docker, latest or public? /Söder
  5. So, can someone please help to to straighten some things out for me. Also for me HW has stopped working for 4k videos HDR to SDR with tone mapping on in Plex settings. For other stuff HW works. In my GO file I've had that modprobe line, even after the update to 6.9.1 but I've also still got the /dev/dri folder. I've read that the problem in some way may be with Plex, and not an Unraid error? So, what should I do now? I've removed the modprobe line in the GO file, and in my Plex settings I still use the --device=/dev/dri as Extra Parameters, and after a reboot I still got that folder. My HW still works, as long as I don't enabled the HDR tonemapping setting again. Got a i3 10100, worth mentioning... /Söder
  6. What is the thing to do, if I'm upgraded to Unraid 6.9.1, and I still got working hw transcode for everything like before, except 4K HDR to something like 1080 SDR with tone mapping? Since I still got hw working for other stuff, do I need to change in my GO file or do something else? Thanks. /Söder
  7. Hmm, I did a pretty stupid thing today. In my array I got 5 disks, but for my share "media" I only use two disks. For many years I've had ProFTTd installed, and for my user I had the path /mnt/user/FTP and the FTP folder was a share called FTP. That shared was set to "prefer" for the cache, but also that it was for all the disks. I today changed that setting to yes, meaning that when mover started, and it didn't fit on the cache, it started to move the stuff in FTP (that is, my media) in to new disks... I had to stop the mover, and then with unbalance get the folders back the disks where media should be. So, what is the best way for me to have this FTP? I want the user to get to my media. Should I set that folder as my user path then? EDIT: What I now did was to umount my media I had to the /mnt/user/FTP folder, and then removed the share FTP. I can now again just add the FTP folder on /mnt/cache I guess.. But is there a way for my to have the FTP folder as a smb share without have an unraid share like I had before? EDIT2: It's now clear for my that when I create a folder in /mnt/cache, there is also a share in unraid created. What's the best way then for me if I don't want to risk the same thing again, with different cache pool settings for FTP and media share? /Söder
  8. Please tell me more how I do this? /Söder
  9. Hmm, I don't remember if I used this the last time, but now when I'm in the same situation again, I can only move data from disks in my array, and not to the new unassigned disk? /Söder
  10. Thanks. I just found out that I hade debug on for my Plejd (lights). Edit: Also, that I logged all with the Logger: option in .conf.. /Söder
  11. No. Please explain what does is do and how I should go further with it.
  12. I've been using Home Assistant as Docker in my UnRaid for some years now, and I once in a while having problem with my Docker image running out of space. Now I've found out that it has something to do with my Home Assistant. First of all when I did this the size went back to normal. truncate -s 0 /var/lib/docker/containers//-json.log I then in UnRaid noticed that it's Home Assistant that grows in log size. It grows with 0.1 GB in an hour? (But also, I was 45 days ago I had this problem the last time). Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 13.00.24 Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 14.05.11 This is my settings for the Docker, and the appdata is on my cache disk, where also my Docker img is I think, but it's not the disk that is running out of space, but the docker with a fixed size of 35GB or something like that. When I check the dockers this way It's like I'm only in the app data, and not in the Docker img, as I thought this way should do? It's like the same as in app data.. Should I do something else, and what can I do to fix this log problem filling up my Docker Img? Thanks. /Söder
  13. I'm reading that right now, but there's nothing popping up for me in the HA interface on reboot.. There's nothing else I should do with the docker now when I got the deCONZ interface working and finding sensors? EDIT: I did the API thing, and then in HA I could find it and the sensor. 😃 Thanks. /Söder
  14. Great. It's live for me. I even found my first unit (Aqara Termometer och hygrometer) in a couple of seconds. 😃 I will now spend some time to get these units in to Home Assistant in some way. 😃 /Söder
  15. About "adding the user to the dial out", the "sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER", if I use the terminal from within the unraid interface, I'm root. Does that mean I just should do "sudo usermod -a -G dialout root" ? I've got the docker running now, and bought the Conbee II stick today and plugged it in the server. lsusb points me to Bus 002 Device 005: ID 1cf1:0030 Dresden Elektronik and I've set "/dev/bus/usb/002/005" in the deCONZ device and rebuilded the docker. How should it look in the deCONZ interface if the server and software recognizes the usb-stick? Thanks. EDIT: I changed my device to /dev/ttyACM0 and now it worked. The /dev/bus/usb path is for something else? /Söder