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  1. After uninstalling Plex, and removed the docker file, I went to "apps", searched for Plex and tock the version from linuxserver's Repository, and there the version "on top" that was "docker" in VERSION and "" in repo (the part is new for me). After that, the path I had before was gone, and I noticed a small difference in the layout from my previous version... Anyhow, now I'm back, adding my media as path and transcode to /dev/shm
  2. No it wasn't. I removed the docker from Unraid, checking to also remove the docker file. When adding it back, I had to fill in my paths again...
  3. Hmm, will also path and such stuff be saved? Path configured in the docker?
  4. Hmm, how do I do that in a secure way? As I said, using Unraid, and the docker is installed through the "apps". /Söder
  5. I'm a plexpass subscriber as well, but this spring someone told me to use "plexpass" as version to get the fix for that HDR tone mapping problem. But I now switched back to linuxserver/plex as repo, and "plexpass" as VERSION, and that took me back to non working HDR tone mapping. Gonna try "latest" as version. EDIT: It didn't worked. What else do I need to do in Unraid, then "edit" my Plex docker, and changing repo and version? /Söder
  6. I changed repository to fix this problem, from linuxserver/plex, with VERSION plexpass, to lsiodev/plex:amd64- If I now want to switch back to repo linuxserver/plex, what shall I put in VERSION to get the fix one? Is it "plexpass", or "latest" or "docker" or "public"? /Söder
  7. Yes, there's a bug right now with HDR tone mapping and HW transcoding (again, had this problem in the spring 2021 as well). But for me downgrading PMS doesn't work now. /Söder
  8. All of a sudden I've noticed that my HW transcode doesn't work for HDR tone mapping any longer, just like the problem with PMS the spring 2021. What can it be causing this? My HW transcoding work for non HDR movies or if I turn of HDR Tone Mapping in the settings for Plex. Here's the thread about the HW problem from this spring... /Söder
  9. I might be a totally noob for this stuff, but I got Nerdpack installed, and still when I type "unrar" in terminal I get "bash: unrar: command not found". What can be wrong? Unraid 6.9.2 EDIT: Well, not that noob. 😃 I removed the plugin, then re added it, and installed unrar. /Söder
  10. Oh, i didn't know there was a Plex pass version. I was hammering F5 on the docker site under "tags" and couldn't find any 1.23-version. That's why I thought this docker wasn't updated. Thanks. EDIT: It works for me now. 4K HEVC HDR to 1080p SDR HW. i3 10100 cpu /Söder
  11. Check my post above, where I find out how to downgrade. It's just to change "latest" to a specific version you want, and press Apply. Then the docker is rebuilt. I've read that the newer version 1.23 should have fixed this problem with 4K HDR hw to SDR issue, but the docker is still not updated to 1.23. /Söder
  12. Hmm, today, there's a new version for me to update to in Unraid, even though I've done like i wrote in the previous post. How come there's an update then? /Söder
  13. But, how do I do that in Unraid with Plex in docker? Is there an easy way? Edit: I'm using this docker (are there any differences on the dockers, anyone I should use instead?). and when when changing from "latest" to "" in VERSION on the "edit docker page" in Unraid and press Apply, I'm still on Version in when I'm checking from a browser. Edit2: Is it version- I shall write instead? Or do I need to specify more? Edit3: was the exact line. Now I'm down do the working version. When Plex has fixed the problem, what is the best version to be on then? docker, latest or public? /Söder
  14. So, can someone please help to to straighten some things out for me. Also for me HW has stopped working for 4k videos HDR to SDR with tone mapping on in Plex settings. For other stuff HW works. In my GO file I've had that modprobe line, even after the update to 6.9.1 but I've also still got the /dev/dri folder. I've read that the problem in some way may be with Plex, and not an Unraid error? So, what should I do now? I've removed the modprobe line in the GO file, and in my Plex settings I still use the --device=/dev/dri as Extra Parameters, and after a reboot I still got that folder. My HW still works, as long as I don't enabled the HDR tonemapping setting again. Got a i3 10100, worth mentioning... /Söder
  15. What is the thing to do, if I'm upgraded to Unraid 6.9.1, and I still got working hw transcode for everything like before, except 4K HDR to something like 1080 SDR with tone mapping? Since I still got hw working for other stuff, do I need to change in my GO file or do something else? Thanks. /Söder