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  1. Hmm, I don't remember if I used this the last time, but now when I'm in the same situation again, I can only move data from disks in my array, and not to the new unassigned disk? /Söder
  2. Thanks. I just found out that I hade debug on for my Plejd (lights). Edit: Also, that I logged all with the Logger: option in .conf.. /Söder
  3. No. Please explain what does is do and how I should go further with it.
  4. I've been using Home Assistant as Docker in my UnRaid for some years now, and I once in a while having problem with my Docker image running out of space. Now I've found out that it has something to do with my Home Assistant. First of all when I did this the size went back to normal. truncate -s 0 /var/lib/docker/containers//-json.log I then in UnRaid noticed that it's Home Assistant that grows in log size. It grows with 0.1 GB in an hour? (But also, I was 45 days ago I had this problem the last time). Screenshot 2020-10-30 at 13.00.24 Screenshot 20
  5. I'm reading that right now, but there's nothing popping up for me in the HA interface on reboot.. There's nothing else I should do with the docker now when I got the deCONZ interface working and finding sensors? EDIT: I did the API thing, and then in HA I could find it and the sensor. 😃 Thanks. /Söder
  6. Great. It's live for me. I even found my first unit (Aqara Termometer och hygrometer) in a couple of seconds. 😃 I will now spend some time to get these units in to Home Assistant in some way. 😃 /Söder
  7. About "adding the user to the dial out", the "sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USER", if I use the terminal from within the unraid interface, I'm root. Does that mean I just should do "sudo usermod -a -G dialout root" ? I've got the docker running now, and bought the Conbee II stick today and plugged it in the server. lsusb points me to Bus 002 Device 005: ID 1cf1:0030 Dresden Elektronik and I've set "/dev/bus/usb/002/005" in the deCONZ device and rebuilded the docker. How should it look in the deCONZ interface if the server and software recognizes the
  8. I'm about to buy a Conbee II myself, and would like to have it working with my Home Assistant server running on my unraid-server. I think I even need help with installing the docker to unraid, since it's not even available via the community apps plugin. Is there some kind of guide for doing that? Thanks. /Söder
  9. That's why I wrote as I did in my post. 😃 I thought that I maybe could get some help with it anyways. /Söder
  10. I wonder if I might get some help with my problem in here, even though it's not a docker problem. I just updated my Mac to 10.15 Catalina, and now I can't access the controller on my server any longer. Before the update I got the "Your connection is not private" message, but pressing Advanced I could go on anyway. That's not available now. I might have had this problem before, and then doing some kind of certificate, that's now invalid, but I don't remember what I did and I don't know what to do now. Please help me with this.
  11. I got a unRAID server running 6.7.0. I got two WD 8TB disk as a array on 16TB. with about 5TB free. I use no parity disk, and the array is configured to keep whole files on the disks The server and SMART say there might be a problem on one of the disk, and I've bought a new one to exchange the error disk. What's the easiest way for me doing this? I want to transfer all the data that's on one disk to another, and keep the other old one together with the new one as the same 16TB array. Thanks. /Söder
  12. Actually he's running LibreELEC on a NUC with a Plex Server add-on. So, it's at least Linux. I guess it's not a docker... /Söder
  13. I'm pretty new to Plex, but I just updated my server to a i5 2500K that shall be able to do hw encoding for Plex. I signed up for a Plex Pass and I've added "--device /dev/dri:/dev/dri" where I should, but the other commands I've only runned in the terminal, not added to some "go" file. Anyhow, I get "hw" when I check in dashboard in Plex. But I also got friend that only became Plex Pass users and then got that check mark in settings to activate hw encoding. I wonder if this still is up to date info or what am I missing? Is this some kind of unraid thing to get the hw?