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    Hey, I currently have all my music (iTunes) stored locally on my MacBook Pro. I like having it local as then I can play tracks in higher quality than the ones on iTunes in the Cloud. I do have iTunes in the Cloud set up and anything I add to iTunes automatically gets added to that as well so I can play tracks on my phone or my work laptop. Basically, I am really running out of space on my laptop and think it's time to move my local music onto my Unraid server. Does anyone have a guide on doing this? I basically want to move all the local files over to Unraid but so I can still access them from iTunes in some way when I am at home but when i'm out I can just stream them from iTunes in the Cloud. Also, how does syncing tracks manually to my iPhone work when this is configured? Eg, I like to do a manual sync of tracks to my phone for when i'm travelling in order to save data. Kind regards, Neil
  2. Happy Birthday Unraid, I came across Unraid by a mention in an LTT video and I suddenly thought "Wow, I am in need of just such a thing". I downloaded the trial and gave it a spin on some really old hardware. It works super well and since then I have purchased new hardware, nothing spectacular, but it does what I need it to do: File storage, Plex server and Time Machine backups. Thanks!
  3. Yep, this is exactly what i see when this happens too. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update. Not import in the grand scheme of things but it would be cool to see it resolved. Thanks
  4. I appreciate that. I'll stick with EXT4 for now and see how I get on! Thanks
  5. @wgstarks I've just got around to formatting the drive using Unassigned Devices. What option do I choose for HFS+? I don't see it in the list?
  6. Thanks. I'd rather stay clear of extra software just to read a drive. I'm assuming both Unraid and MacOS support HFS+? I have previously used XFS but the issue I had was that MacOS couldn't read or write it
  7. Hi, I have two HDD's in an external enclosure which I want to connect to my server to act as backups for certain shares. What filesystem would be best to format these as so Unraid can read and write to them but also I can connect them directly to my Mac and it can read and write to them.
  8. The new ability to choose your own custom dashboard icon is great and I have used it to great effect. However, sometimes I load the dashboard and the image can't be displayed. It's still pointing to the file but the file is missing. I end up having the reselect it locally. Not sure what's going on here?
  9. Ah, that's disappointing to hear. No problem. Many thanks!
  10. Its an Intel® Core™ i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00GHz
  11. I've just noticed in System Devices that my CPU shows up like so: Single:cpu 0 Single:cpu 1 Single:cpu 2 Single:cpu 3 Single:cpu 4 Single:cpu 5 Is there a way to enable paired cores? Neil
  12. Just followed on Twitter with the handle rctneil . Love Unraid and considering purchasing a mug shortly!
  13. +1 here. Only a small tweak but seems logical.