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  1. My backup has JUST started to actually run this morning. I started it at 08:00 and it's now 14:47 and it's backed up 1.77Gb!!! Why is it soooo slow? I've tried all solutions posted on the forums and nothing works. Can someone from Unraid chip in? I purchased Unraid to use it for Time Machine purposes as well as a Plex Media Server and it simply does not work reliably for TM. I did try topost my message in my previous thread about TM but it appears to no longer exist. I'm really getting fed up of this not working in Unraid. Please support your customers!
  2. I've tried all the solutions in this thread and my backups are painfully slow. I'm at a loss now of what to do. My last full backup to TM was over a month ago now because it takes sooooo long. @limetech is there a full solution? We need to be able to reply on backups completing.
  3. I took the XML file in that post and tweaked it for my system and Catalina to make this: but am getting this error: "Cannot access storage file '/mnt/user/domains/MacinaboxCatalina/macos_disk.qcow2' (as uid:0, gid:100): No such file or directory" Any ideas? <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu='http://libvirt.org/schemas/domain/qemu/1.0'> <name>MacinaboxCatalina</name> <uuid>fe4cdace-a7b4-456d-9885-c28ea78fde83</uuid> <description>MacOS Catalina</description> <metadata&
  4. Hello, When I start my VM, I just see this in the VNC viewer: Any ideas?
  5. Sounds like someone has had the same idea I had a few years ago when I built my server! 🤣
  6. I hope Unraid don't mind (if you do then let me know) but i've bee n building an Unraid plugin for Ferdi (getferdi.com). It basically allows you to access your Unraid dashboard from within Ferdi as it's a page I like to have open most of the time and with it being in Ferdi, it doesn't clog up my main browser. It has support for notifications too. Unraid is support in the new 5.5.0 GM build. Enjoy!
  7. @binhex Found it. Ok, yes corruption is mentioned. When you state "Move Plex metadata to cache drive". How do I do this? I'm unsure of the steps to acheive this? I am also running the latest version of unraid so why did this happen if the bug is no longer present in this version?
  8. Can you check the link? I just see "Not Found"?
  9. For some reason as of yesterday I can't access Plex. The web UI fails to load and I can't access it via the Apple TV either. Here's the latest logs: 2020-02-23 14:37:09.105281 [info] System information Linux TARDIS 4.19.98-Unraid #1 SMP Sun Jan 26 09:15:03 PST 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux 2020-02-23 14:37:09.125494 [info] PUID defined as '99' 2020-02-23 14:37:09.147151 [info] PGID defined as '100' 2020-02-23 14:37:09.218180 [info] UMASK defined as '000' 2020-02-23 14:37:09.238160 [info] Permissions already set for volume mappings 2020-02-23 14:37:09.258091 [info] TRANS_DIR def
  10. rctneil

    Sync GUI

    I'm just looking for a way to configure the whole sync end to end in a gui. Is that not possible?
  11. Any update on this @limetech? I'd really like to get my TM backups back to working order.
  12. rctneil

    Sync GUI

    Hey, Is there a GUI version of rclone for Unraid? Or a GUI sync application that will allow me to sync directories from a share to different cloud storage locations? I'm after sync and not backup. Thanks
  13. I have this set up and working but how can i access the files stored on my Unraid? How can i map locations on the server to locations in MacOS?
  14. Just disabled that option and doing some tests. Will report back. May I ask how this will help?