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  1. Sorry, I'm not a very technical person in regards to servers. I have an Unraid machine for basic file storage and Plex but nothing more than that. I am currently running 6.8rc7. I have no issues currently. Should I just stay where I am or upgrade? If I stay where I am, what version should I wait for to start updating again? Thanks.
  2. @limetech Would it be possible to get a "Keep me signed in" option on the new sign in form? Even if it only keeps you signed in for a short-ish period of time would be helpful. Thanks, Neil
  3. Snazzy! - Upgrade seemed to work fine. If i notice anything i'll post an update. Thanks for all your hard work!
  4. Hey, I while back I was having trouble with getting Time Machine to actually do a backup. It kept getting stuck in the "Preparing backup" stage and would never move on. In frustration I looks around online and people told me to locate the .inProgress file and remove it. I moved this to my Trash and it allowed Time Machine to fully complete a backup. But.... I seem to have made a problem for myself. I now have this file in my trash which refuses to actually delete. I stupidly renamed it to "test" and I can leave my Trash emptying for hours and hours but it never gets removed. I THINK it was a ".inProgress" file but I have no clue what the actually previous name was unfortunatley. If I try to "Get Info" on it it says it is in "Time Machine Backups > .Trashes". How do I find this and remove it. It only shows up in my Mac's Trash when the server is on and a backup has been started. It's really annoying and i've learnt not to be so hasty when things go wrong!! I hope someone here can help me solve this. Thanks, Neil
  5. Just 7Tb for me right now. I'm at 60% full at the mo so should be good for a little while.
  6. Hey, I was using the official Plex Docker and yesterday the web interface refused to load and just gave an error. I tried a whole host of things but it failed to get working. In my annoyance I deleted the Docker and installed the binhex one. I started it up and it has data left over from my previous Plex, eg, it knows the server name etc but cant access any data and feels messed up. I have a copy of the appdata of the old one i deleted, is there a way to transplant this into my new binhex Docker and get everything back up and running? I'd really appreciate someones help with this as i've totally made a mess of it and really would like to get it back up and running. Thanks!
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    Well i do like to use itunes whilst i am not at home (my server is only on whilst im at home) and if the iTunes folder is on the server then my library file won;t be able to be found. I did think about moving everything excluding the library file over but itunes is not smart and it tries to find a track file, fails and doesn;t think to just check if it's available for streaming.
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    Any ideas anyone?
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    Hey, I currently have all my music (iTunes) stored locally on my MacBook Pro. I like having it local as then I can play tracks in higher quality than the ones on iTunes in the Cloud. I do have iTunes in the Cloud set up and anything I add to iTunes automatically gets added to that as well so I can play tracks on my phone or my work laptop. Basically, I am really running out of space on my laptop and think it's time to move my local music onto my Unraid server. Does anyone have a guide on doing this? I basically want to move all the local files over to Unraid but so I can still access them from iTunes in some way when I am at home but when i'm out I can just stream them from iTunes in the Cloud. Also, how does syncing tracks manually to my iPhone work when this is configured? Eg, I like to do a manual sync of tracks to my phone for when i'm travelling in order to save data. Kind regards, Neil
  10. Happy Birthday Unraid, I came across Unraid by a mention in an LTT video and I suddenly thought "Wow, I am in need of just such a thing". I downloaded the trial and gave it a spin on some really old hardware. It works super well and since then I have purchased new hardware, nothing spectacular, but it does what I need it to do: File storage, Plex server and Time Machine backups. Thanks!
  11. Yep, this is exactly what i see when this happens too. Hopefully this will be fixed in an update. Not import in the grand scheme of things but it would be cool to see it resolved. Thanks
  12. I appreciate that. I'll stick with EXT4 for now and see how I get on! Thanks
  13. @wgstarks I've just got around to formatting the drive using Unassigned Devices. What option do I choose for HFS+? I don't see it in the list?