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  1. Hi, Looks like one I made ages ago. It only had a couple of old files in. I will delete that share as I no longer need it, but have changed it to store on the Array. There was one small audio file in there.
  2. As requested! Didn't know about that. Thanks. Hopefully this can provide some more info! tardis-diagnostics-20230820-1540.zip
  3. Hi, Just wondering if this amount of usage is correct for my cache drive? I've initiated the mover several times but the usage doesn't appear to decrease? Is this looking ok?
  4. I just checked these and enabled enhanced MacOS support. This now allows me to access the Backups directory. The lost+found folder i'm not too worried about. It still has the no entry sign on it and won't let me in.
  5. But this is precisely why I posted asking for help. To find out why I cannot access it like a regular share.
  6. It's exported as a Share so surely I should be able to access it just like any other share?
  7. yes I understand that, but why can’t I access it? I have several sub folders in the Backup one but can’t access them. What’s the no entry sign icon for? surely I should be able to access them via Finder?
  8. Hi, I have one 3Tb disk in Unassigned Devices. It has one partition that I have labelled "Local Backups". I have set it to be shared. When I connect to it via Finder, the folders within show up as in the screenshot. Why is this? The disk is also shown in the second screenshot: Thanks in advance, Neil
  9. Looks like a connection had failed. It was using a very dodgy cable. I've recabled things temporarily and will fully sort it out in a few days. Just checking things are all working in the dashboard. Thanks
  10. It's an SSD. I'll go check it's connection.
  11. I've juts stopped the array but the cache disk is not showing for me to choose from. What could be going on?
  12. Yes, I have a single cache drive. Edit: It looks like the cache drive has vanished. Where's it gone?
  13. Hi, My Docker service is failing to start and it says some paths don't exist next to "Default appdata storage location:" - I've not changed anything apart from update the Unassigned Drives and My Servers plugins? My diagnostics are attached. Can someone help? Thanks, Neil tardis-diagnostics-20220126-2018.zip
  14. One quick Q: When setting up a share to be used as a time machine disk. Does that share need to be mounted in MacOS before TM will see it as available or should it just show up?
  15. Hi, Thanks for that. Couldn't the two veto files lines just be added to Global?