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  1. I thought I would just do (I hope, a helpful) update on here wrt this issue. I recently bought myself a nice new HP laptop with windows home on it and it couldn't see my Tower server. My resolution went like this: 1. Did the SMB 1.0 thing. No luck 2. Double checked all my network settings on Tower (DNS config etc.). No luck 3. Screwed with Dword settings in registry. No luck 4. Installed Group policy (https://www.itechtics.com/enable-gpedit-windows-10-home) - method 2 worked for me. Then changed GP settings. No luck. 5. Got really, really frtustrated. 6
  2. SOLVED: Couldn't understand it - moral of the story - it's probably hardware based... which it was. Rather than downgrading UNRAID which I don't like to mess around with (I have had bad experiences with RAID arrays in the past), I instead stuck a new hardrive in and installed windows 10 (my more familiar OS). Both NICs are unrecognised - hence, mobo is dead - I will get a replacement. This isn't the first time that a mobo has had onboard NIC problems for me. Johnnie - thank you for taking the time to respond. A second pair of eyes on the problem helps me to see thing
  3. ok - off to check: will run the following tests 1. delete network.cfg and retry 2. Downgrade after that (with network.cfg deleted) Then try new NIC again and if working check if mobo NIC working. I'll report back - thanks so much for your help 🙂
  4. New diagnostics file... (meant to say thanks Johnnie!) tower-diagnostics-20200415-2204.zip
  5. I'll re-download the diagnostics file in a moment and post in next few minutes.
  6. yes - booting with GUI mode. Actually, I have now disabled the onboard NIC to reduce wiggle room. Here is the screenshot of my network settings now. I should have mentioned that I am on unraid version 6.8.2
  7. It would be great if someone could help with this 🙂 Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi [Status: I have no linux skills]. Problem: I've been running UNRAID for about 3 years, no problems - it's bloody marvelous. Last week by mobo Network Card (NIC) packed up. Don't think it was an update related problem - basically no lights on NIC backplate. At least I don't think this is the problem (?!) Checked BIOS and nothing wrong in there either. Bought new PCIe card, installed and UNRAID seems very unsure of which card is which and I don't seem to be able to set things up correctly. (The screen for network settings isn't
  9. Hello - (first post from a noob). I recently migrated away from Nas4free having had years of uneventful (and welcomed) use. My unraid is all working very well but on 2 occasions it has stopped: Not shut down but something has stopped disallowing access via network. Console hasn't given any clues to me either. My linux experience is v. poor. I believe I need to be able to write the syslog actively to a drive locally so that I can understand the nature of the problem. Does Enhanced Log viewer allow me to do this? Forgive me if I am on the wrong thread.