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    Pimp Your Rig

    So, I do not know. ^^
  2. Archer

    Pimp Your Rig

    I have not updated yet, so I can not tell you.
  3. Archer

    Pimp Your Rig

    Duration: 9 hours, 43 minutes, 13 seconds. Average speed: 114.3 MB/sec
  4. Archer

    [Support] Aria2 + WebUI

    Thanks for the image, I'm looking for a lightweight download manager. 🙂
  5. Archer

    Pimp Your Rig

    I am not at home, and my server is not accesible online. It lasts 9 hours, I'm checking tonight. (I do not speak English 😅)
  6. Archer

    Pimp Your Rig

    Yes, it seems to me about 9am. (To check)
  7. Archer

    Pimp Your Rig

    Tiny Unraid (Low consumption) CPU : Intel Atom Cherry Trail x5-Z8350 Memory : 2GB USB : USB 3.0 Network speed : Gigabit Ethernet External case : SISUN 5 Bay USB 3.0 Disk : Western Digital (WD) Red - 4 To (x5) APC : Eaton 3S 550 Usage: Storage, Plex, Download