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  1. Hi everyone - does anyone happen to have an idiots guide to moving the metadata and media folders off of the cache in unraid? I have a small cache disk and it's pretty much being eaten by those folders. I don't want to move the entire appdata off, but I figure if I can just move those 2 i'll save a ton of space (and they can always be replaced). Any help much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I am also very keen to know this so I can try and repair the .db!
  3. hi all, I have a new machine at home and was installing Xampp last night when it occurred to me it would better to run a web server from unraid so I could access from my other devices in the house, rather than just on my desktop. Is there a neat plugin that already does this, or indeed a way of configuing a VM? I've no use case to actually make this web facing, just internal to my own network as kinda like a staging environment. Might be more hassle than it's worth, but figured it was worth a try. Any thoughts? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info - had never considered that. Will give them a run and a full test in another machine before I dump them
  5. Thank you, almost as soon as i'd posted I found a similar thread and realised it was probably unwise. Re: the drive failures, agreed, but I changed both cables etc, but these were the same batch and were 'clicking' for want of a better word, so think they'd had it, they were pretty old.
  6. Hi all, I couldn't find any recent threads on this, but wondered if anyone had any experience of running a USB drive as parity? The situation I have is that I have 10 disks currently in the machine using all of the available sata ports, but i recently had two drives fail within a week, meaning I lost a fair bit of data. I'd like to add a second parity to avoid this situation again, but the only option I have is to add this via a USB to Sata converter. It would be USB 3, so relatively quick, but any forseeable problems? Many thanks for any responses.
  7. Wonderful, thank you so much for your help trurl - i've learnt a lot and appreciate your patience and guidance!
  8. Here we go
  9. OK, I think we've made some progress. I've just deleted all 'Video Preview Thumbnails' from Plex, given it's not a feature I've never caught myself using and as if by magic: Do I still need to check appdata as @jonathanm suggested? And I assume i need to revert some of the cache usage settings now? Thanks again for both of your help, i've learnt a lot and it's good of you to spend your time assisting me
  10. Ok, a quick play around, and as I suspected, it's the metadata that Plex is storing, or at least it looks that way: root@Gladeux:/mnt/cache/appdata/plex/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Media/localhost# du -h --max-depth=1 4.8G ./f 4.8G ./9 5.2G ./4 4.7G ./0 4.7G ./3 4.8G ./e 4.7G ./8 4.6G ./5 4.8G ./c 4.5G ./b 4.8G ./7 4.9G ./a 5.1G ./6 5.0G ./d 5.2G ./1 5.1G ./2 77G .
  11. Thanks @Jonathan - i'm not that familiar with linux, is there a command to get size?
  12. OK, I haven't screenshotted the whole page, because I think the answer lies in the first 2nd row! Just thinking out loud, but could this be the metadata that Plex is storing for the Films and Movies in my media folder?
  13. You made me go hunting, could this be related?
  14. Thanks again Trurl. I only set the docker image as 80gb recently, and that was in my poor attempts to troubleshoot the problem - i thought the additional space might help whilst I debugged. Anyway, I've done as you've said now and changed it back down to 20gb and re-added all the dockers. I do have an ubuntu VM, which I literally never use so I can remove that if you think it's part of the problem? (I had a quick look and i'm not sure how to do this, I can obviously disable VMs totally for now though).