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  1. Adding another voice to the requests for NFS 4. I'm currently working on deploying a FreeIPA domain and Unraid would make an ideal addition for file storage. However, not having access to NFS 4 makes Linux based SSO options much more difficult. I'll be honest, the fact that it's not already implemented has me scratching my head. This is a very mature standard and is implemented in a number of other NAS options.
  2. In the past I have always used host pass thru and pinned my VMs to certain logical cores. While this works and is effective, in an environment where I am running 5+ VM, it occurs to me that this may not be the best way to manage CPU resources. So, in unraid, what would be the best CPU selection and configuration to have processor resources dynamically allocated? And... just to take my own thread off topic: what's the best way dynamically allocate memory?
  3. That was exactly the problem! Your change worked like a charm. Thank you, sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar!
  4. I can't even get a connection on proxynet... The problem seems to be with a swag config somewhere. I'm not very sure where to go looking.
  5. Great tutorial! I followed it to the the letter and did fresh installs of both swag and apache guacamole. For some reason, I'm getting a 502 Bad gateway error wen I test in a web browser. Any idea what I did wrong?
  6. Any takers on this one? Did I miss a forum somewhere else about this?
  7. I'm interested in deploying some form of Active Directory as a docker and then using it for authentication for UnRaid resources SoHo clients. I'm assuming that something Samba based is the cleanest option. I'm considering trying to use https://github.com/Fmstrat/samba-domain. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is this even a good idea? Is there a better docker to use? Is there a good reference guide for setting up a docker that doesn't have a template? Thanks in advance!
  8. Finally got this 6.8.1 version installed over the weekend and wanted to stop in to say thanks for the hard work! It's greatly appreciated!
  9. Thanks again to jpowell8672 for helping me get sorted. I didn't see an answer to the question of when Nvidia 6.8.1 will be released. Is there a projected date? Not trying to be push but after the stress of the last version game I'm not keen to try that again. I'm happy to wait patiently I just have to decide if it's better to take the variables out of Plex or wait for the update. Thanks...
  10. Thank you so much! I couldn't appreciate you more right now!
  11. I made a pretty big goof & I'm not sure how to fix it... Yesterday, I updated my Installation from 6.8.0 to 6.8.1 and then discovered that there wasn't a UnRaid Nvidia version available at that time. But instead of going back thru and using the Unraid tools to step back to 6.8.0, I used the tool in UnRaid Nvidia to try and downgrade. (Short cuts are not a good idea. I should know this by now.) This seems to have broken some things. The system boots and comes to a command prompt but, the web ui and the array will not start. Any ideas on how I can get myself out of this mess without making it worse? Thanks...
  12. I stubbed the NVMe controller and In the VM template I have the vdisks set to none, the NVMe device passes through without issue and I am able to load Windows 10. However every time I boot/re-boot the VM I have to use the virtual bios (OVMF) and specify to load from the NVMe drive. Everything else seems to work fine and while this doesn't break anything is it kind of annoying. Is there a way to set the NVMe device to be first in the VM's boot order?
  13. Thanks to all for the help. I swapped the board last night and all seems to be working. Of course, the new Mother Board I selected has a SB700 chips set so, everything is working but I am getting the error noted already well documented on these board. So, I'll be waiting to see if it's going to cause any problems. Thanks again for the help. -Wil
  14. Hello: I have just experienced a motherboard failure on my unraid system. My USB drive is intact and seems to be working. (Plugged it into another PC and booted to the boot loader.) Haven't been able to test the drives as of yet. So the question becomes, if I swap out the mother board will Unraid still see the array or have I lost the data? Thanks... -Wil