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  1. Looks like it is still not supported in the most current RC. Could benefit from improved client side caching especially.
  2. I wanted to get into a bit of a exploration of the reasoning behind the virtualization of an unRAID server and see what kind of use cases fit into this mix well, and which ones fall outside a good use. I have a simple ecosystem at home that looks like this. An Unraid on a SC846 (24 bay LFF 3.5) and proxmox on a T620 (32 bay SFF 2.5). Simple GBE and 10gb links without a fancy router like Sophos XG/PFsense (this however is on the project to-do list asap) and a UPS on each. The first use case I am interested in the nice live migration features of Proxmox for VM's.
  3. This was what it was for me. I had just been downloading some ISO's directly with wget and still had the terminal active in the disk.
  4. Should I use the logs for that? I tried to manually specify the settings for 4k, but it still hit the transcoder.
  5. Yes it is 4K oled 55EF9500. Running version .40 software
  6. I did see this in the DNLA client settings. .131 is the LG. Is this what you might mean? IP=,DirectPlay=true,DirectStream=true,LocalResolution=1920x1080,RemoteResolution=1920x1080,OnlineResolution=1920x1080,LocalVideoQuality=99,RemoteVideoQuality=99,OnlineVideoQuality=99,SubtitleSize=60,AudioBoost=100,MusicBitrate=320;IP=,DirectPlay=true,DirectStream=true,LocalResolution=1920x1080,RemoteResolution=1920x1080,OnlineResolution=1920x1080,LocalVideoQuality=99,RemoteVideoQuality=99,OnlineVideoQuality=99,SubtitleSize=60,AudioBoost=100,MusicBitrate=320
  7. Yea I tried to change this in the client (lg webos2) but it does still kickoff the transcode when I start the stream and watch TOP from cmd line. All hardwired. I did figure out that the processors cannot handle realtime transcode as well unfortunately, close, but not fast enough by about 20% it seems. If I upgrade the processors up to the fastest models for the old opteron platform, a jump from 2.1ghz to 2.8 ghz, it may or may not be enough. I would love to be able to ekk out 4k on the current server, but I think its just too old. Time for new hardware.
  8. I'm hitting an issue with either transcoding, ram transcoding, disabling transcoding, that I just cant figure out. It could be cpu dependent, but I think it is the fact I cannot seem to get my transcode directory to mount my ram is the issue. I dunno, but lets go over what I have observed. First off, I am using binhex PLEX container. I have added a /tmp mount point however it does not appear to be registering. I see the following while starting a stream with 4k 60GB content. I see 12 cores pegging at 100%, however the ram usage in top doesnt move. I would think that it would grow b
  9. Now I am getting this however. Permission denied: /mnt/disks/Crucial_CT240M500SSD1_1347095AC112/deluge-temp/Zootopia.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS[rarbg]/Zootopia.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264-SPARKS.mkv
  10. I keep running out of space. I only have like 2.4G showing on the docker. When I click it it has the Download to: /home/nobody/Incompletes Move completed to: /home/nobody/Completed I think I need to change those. Download to: /mnt/disks/Crucial_CT240M500SSD1_1347095AC112/deluge-temp Move completed to: /user/Movies Do I just use the builtin file locations dialog or do I need to adjust some settings file?
  11. Try the following flags for both Opteron_G3 / Opteron_G4 / Opteron_G5 Im not sure what flag level your FX processor is at but I would guess G4 or G5. I think you are hobbling the cpu with a restrictive level maybe. That would force certain flags to not be utilized (poor performance-locks) <cpu mode='custom' match='exact'> <model fallback='allow'>Opteron_G3</model> </cpu> and then at the end <qemu:arg value='-cpu'/> <qemu:arg value='Opteron_G3,vendor=AuthenticAMD'/> I am suffering the AMD pain game also here wit
  12. Hey ALL just a quick notification for AMD users trying to do an unraid OSX VM with some AMD processors. If you have a Opteron like a 24XX you CANNOT do this with the needed extensions on both SIERRA and on El CAPITAN from what I can tell. The 2425 and 84XX and all prior do not have the needed cpu flags. Hence you cannot forge a cpu type of "core2duo" for El Cap or "Penryn" for SIERRA. Save the hours effort just to get the ssse3 flag not supported (core2duo) and sse4.1/ssse3 (Penryn) notifications when trying to launch the kvm. If I am wrong on this please do correct me. Is it possibl
  13. apcupsd will communicate with it so it will work out of the box.