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  1. Or do this to keep from needing to restart the mining operation.
  2. This can be addressed by users with using the following script in a User Scripts job: chown nobody:users /mnt/user/XXX-YOU-SHARE-HERE-XXX/plot*.plot && chmod 755 /mnt/user/XXX-YOU-SHARE-HERE-XXX/plot*.plot Note part about using your User share name. And then set the cron time to custom and run it every 2 mins or so with the following schedule: */2 * * * * then you are good 2 go
  3. most of what people are running into are Docker related hardships that I have seen so far. Docker is a different mindset for how to run, map, and share resources but it is among the best once you get it up and some familiarity with it. I think you should rename the shares to not have spaces, periods, other non-alphanumeric characters and give it another try. The docker container will handle the map so you only need the friendly name "in container" mapped specified in your plotman.yaml Does that help? If you look about 10 questions back, Guy went over another person's mapping issue
  4. The only change you should make to the Machinaris container is entering the mode: plotter variable and hitting apply. That will keep all the settings you had working prior. Did you have these settings you posted above working prior? You shouldnt need to do anything other then verify that your settings (famer pk, pool pk, mnemonic.txt) all are exactly as they have been while you plotted prior. IF they are not, return them to those settings that are associated with the Hpool binding.
  5. Here is the relevant timestamp jump to the part about setting plotter mode in Machinaris for UNRAID so you can not double farm. I has a vlan and a trash laptop I put it all together on and run the client. Have checked firewall and seen no oddities. This is all you need to set, and run their miner, and you are good to go. Keep using the same keys/nmemonic setup you have been in Machinaris, it binds to your keys not the other way around.
  6. I just did a video walkthru on setting up everything in UnRAID and Machinaris. Sidenote, got to run the Chiapos inclusion as it was a fresh pull for the video, is def yielding improvements in speed. DANG! Now I have to sacrifice phase 1 plots and update the rest of the rigs. Worth It.
  7. I am parallel mining (via terminal exec, not docker launched terminal) and started 6 with line: docker exec -it chia venv/bin/chia plots create -b 4300 -r 2 -t /plotting/plot2 -d /plots Have a 2TB ssd used only for mining. 32GB ram and the 2x 2630L v2 will be upgraded as soon as these 5 plots (hopefully) finish. Not sure why the 1 died, but will enable better log level once I move it all.
  8. HOLY COW! Thanks for the super clear, concise message about everything getting written at the very end to the array! I am sure it has been written and I probably have even read it, but the way you said it finally registered The CPU is also doing a docker for ZoneMinder and that can be intensive, but the real problem is I am running 2x 2630L v2 processors (to reduce heat) instead of the 2x 2650v2 processors I have here I think. Once these 5 remaining plots get written to the array, I will be adding 64gb ram and putting the faster processors back in also. Gonna have to move the sc48
  9. Im at 16+ hours, on 5 of the remaining active plottings (1 died?), and they are at: "Starting phase 2/4: Backpropagation into tmp files... Tue May 11 16:19:22 2021" I just have no insight into what is happening here, but I can relate this is how long phase 1 took: "Time for phase 1 = 60548.690 seconds." Something is wrong, but I have no idea what. The chia official gives pretty over the top ideas to look for that include things like restarting chia to change the log level, which would tank the existing plotting, from my understanding.
  10. NOT TO BLAME PIXEL, Just super confusing directions for a novice, including from chia official sources. I have had a lot of trouble with getting plots to actually show up, super frustrating! I am abandoning this template and just setting up a F'n VM and mining off that. The time-curve of production is working AGAINST anyone not able to get this working ASAP rather hard. I have completed at least 1 table 4 sort and then have that harvester just drop out. when I do a farm summary, I am greeted with 0 plots, but I think I need the gui to start with as I have no idea if things are stil
  11. My issues may also be your issues, CHIA is currently out of sync, some sort of a hotpatch is in the works as I type that will address this issue. My issues may be related.
  12. Something is not right, unsure of what. This has been running for 20 hours already. Initiated with cmd: venv/bin/chia plots create -b 5000 -r 2 -n 6 -t /plotting/plot1 -d /plots # venv/bin/chia farm summary Connection error. Check if farmer is running at 8559 Farming status: Syncing Total chia farmed: 0.0 User transaction fees: 0.0 Block rewards: 0.0 Last height farmed: 0 Plot count: 0 Total size of plots: 0.000 GiB Estimated network space: 2613.697 PiB Expected time to win: Unknown Note: log into your key using 'chia wallet show' to see rew
  13. Does this startup line look right for a server with 2tb ssd in plotting, 14tb in plots, 12 free threads, 16 free gigs ram? venv/bin/chia plots create -b 5000 -r 2 -n 6 -t /plotting/plot1 -d /plots Also thanks for the awesome container, such easy.
  14. Just wanted to chime in for anyone else getting the message "Community Applications requires your server to have internet access. The most common cause of this failure is a failure to resolve DNS addresses. You can try and reset your modem and router to fix this issue, or set static DNS addresses (Settings - Network Settings) of and and try again." You should check your network.cfg and also your boot log to see if you have an "extra" eth device being detected. I had an extra "eth1 cannot be found" message that was the linchpin of what was my issue. I e
  15. Looks like it is still not supported in the most current RC. Could benefit from improved client side caching especially.