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  1. I support this, I have 196GB's of RAM and I noticed that after a copying for a bit the speed decreases massively. My system has a UPS on it, that can keep it powered up for 30 mins so losing data to power loss is a non issue for me.
  2. You can configure the attach network command to be run after it creating the docker. If you go to ADVANCED VIEW when updating/creating a docker container. Under the Post Arguments line you can write the following: ; docker network connect NETWORK CONTAINER Now when UNRAID updates the container, it will run this command afterward to connect it to the right network.
  3. I was archiving some youtube videos I downloaded, when I noticed that I'm sustained copying faster then my array can write to it. Is unraid buffering the transfer in RAM, or am I missing something?
  4. I'm getting really terrible write speeds inside my windows VM. The read speeds are great 1.8GB/s, but the writes don't get above 50kb/s. If I run the following command on unraid I get a more reasonable write speed. But In the windows VM, when I run CrystalDiskMark it will even timeout the RDP session, and freeze the VNC session, until the test is done. All the read speeds are 500MB/s or higher but all the write speeds are either 0MB/s or 1MB/s. This is my config: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <domain type='kvm' id='1'>
  5. I have an nightly cloud copy of all the files, and In the worst case it would take me 4 days to download all data back from the cloud. So I assumed that this would be quicker then the time rebuilding the array would cost? Also I read that the having a parity disk will effect the performance. I don't know how true this is though.
  6. I'm setting up my new unraid server and I was wondering how I can best setup my drive pool. I have currently setup my array with 4, 8TB WD Red drives with no parity disk. I want to add a 256GB SATA SSD for the VM's and Dockers, what is the best way to add this? Add it as an additional drive in the array, or adding it as a cache drive? and would adding it as a cahce drive even make sense with 196GB of ram?