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  1. i love that i can run my storage array, home workstation and many apps all on the same machine but decoupled from each other! would be cool to see some better integrated backup options, especially for VMs.
  2. Downloaded Firefly III, it has recurring transactions you can set up, but requires a cron job for that to run. Is there a way to set up a cron job within a docker container, or possibly utilize unraid to call the cron job for that specific container?
  3. so plugging it in and allowing it to clear in the background is enough for the array to detect that the drive is good to add into the array?
  4. i've seen various discussions on the topic, and in general it looks like in newer versions of unraid, you may not have to pre-clear a new drive to add it? is this true? should it be just as simple as plugging a brand new drive in and adding it to the array?
  5. I've been having this issue on a newer work laptop ever since I got it back in Feb and this registry issue just fixed it. AWESOME find!! Thanks for the help...
  6. so yes, i put in those same options, actually in my password field i have populated with "vpn password". on top of that, i placed some files in the container directory: \mnt\user\appdata\binhex-sabnzbdvpn\openvpn. it's been a year since i did this, but i basically followed the same exact process as if i had airvpn. basicaly because i originally tried a 10 day trial of airvpn to get this working, and as i followed the airvpn directions, i realized i could just do the same thing for mullvad. basically need to download the SSL certificates from the mullvad website and dump them in this directory. also need a file called: "mullvad_config_us.ovpn" in that directory. i can't remember where i found to go down this path, but i remember spending a lot of time on it and finding the process for airvpn somewhere, and then just substituting mullvad in it's place. hope this helps.
  7. I'll check soon when I can get infront of my server. It's been working flawlessly ever since I set it up, all I have to do is renew my mullvad subscription as needed and good to go.
  8. @stv29 have you had any success with this? im curious to know if there is a cd burning app out there, but as of right now more than likely would just take my internal CD/DVD drive out to make room for one more HDD and stick with USB CD/DVD in my Windows VM as needed.
  9. @johnnie.black if a driver problem, is there a way to update the driver that unRAID uses?
  10. @johnnie.black sorry it took so long, finally got around to it. attached the diagnostics. interestingly enough, it also seems like after i remove the card and boot up, i still don't have network access. it isn't until i reboot again a second time after the Intel NIC card was removed that it finally starts working again the way it was. unserver-diagnostics-20180424-1552.zip
  11. i took the card out to get the server back up. will try again tomorrow and grab diagnostics while installed.
  12. I have a 4 x 1 Gig ethernet card, BCM5709. Does anyone know if it is support? When I boot up with this plugged in, my onboard NIC isn't active. In System Devices I see that unRAID recognizes the Broadcom Limited NetXtreme II Gig Ethernet, but under network settings I don't see any new ports available. If I power down, remove card, it boots up fine with onboard Eth working properly.
  13. did upgrade to 6.5.1-rc3, things have been pretty stable, although i haven't been messing with containers or changing things around much recently. everything came up fine after the hard reset. i did cross my fingers and toes until then. community apps plugin also working great again. thanks!
  14. Should be able to still go into docker tab, add new container and manually select from a repository that has that container in it.