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  1. Hey, Could you make a container with RLCraft dedicated server for Minecraft? Thanks.
  2. DST works with caves now, at least for me. Remember - DST Server port is - 10889 and NOT 10999 (Wrong configuring?) Need to update that in the container or forward container port 10889 to 10999 (UDP) Use console to connect; c_connect("IP") If you are using custom port; c_connect("IP",PORT) c_connect("IP",PORT,"Password")
  3. Custom World - Start server - Browse to; \appdata\dontstarve\token\Cluster_1\Master - Create/edit file worldgenoverride.lua or use my attachment (Copy same file to Caves-folder if you want to customize caves) - Edit worldgenoverride.lua to your liking then save. - Connect to your server and choose to regenerate world (press TAB when in-game then click the little button for options). - Have fun! Spawn more set-pieces - Stop server - Browse to; \appdata\dontstarve\serverfiles\data\databundles\\scripts\ - Edit worldgen_main.lua - Go to line 338 and replace with this; for idx=1, math.random(math.floor(9000*multiply[boons_override]), math.ceil(10000*multiply[boons_override])) do AddSingleSetPeice(level, "map/boons") AddSingleSetPeice(level, "map/pointsofinterest") AddSingleSetPeice(level, "map/protected_resources") AddSingleSetPeice(level, "map/traps") end - Experiment by changing math.floor (9000) value and math.ceil (10000) to your liking - Start server with a new world - Have even more fun! worldgenoverride.lua
  4. Thanks for making the containers. Much appreciated😀. My requests; L4D1, L4D2, KF1, KF2, Don't Starve and Insurgency. 😂
  5. Hey. Anyone know what causes this error? My logfile is filled to the brim with this error. (several thousands) Thanks.
  6. I'm struggling with this too. I found out after som trial and error that --cpuset-cpus="7,23,8,24" (using 1950x) fixes the issue.
  7. Ok, so I did some more tests and concluded that if I change the filesystem from BTRFS to XFS, the nvme drive operate normal without errors. And now of course I don't have the option of a cache pool, but at least the server i functioning. Anyone know why this error occurs with BTRFS?
  8. Hey guys. I've been struggling with this error since I built the system and I don't know what to do. Everything halts to a crawl and the nvme just loops between timeout and abort status. The drive have been functioning well with my intel system under Windows. I've tried with two different drives of the same model and different m.2 slots I've tried zenstates, pcie_aspm=off and pci=nommconf and theres no difference. What are my options here?