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  1. ''ADJUSTABLE WIDTH: Fits computer towers / pcs / CPUs with a width of 4.7” – 8.2” and supports a maximum weight of 22 lbs" - not problematic? I dont know much about rack mount stuff, it says max width of 8.2", how many rack units do u think that is? or what about just a piece of wood to keep the rack ear from digging into the floor?
  2. I know a lot of workstations have kits to rack mount them, and with the disappearing 5.25" bay trend, I am starting to wonder if there is a way to convert a rack mount chassis to tower? Just thinking about it i cant see why not, though im not dying for yet another custom fab project, hopefully there is a kit out there
  3. all rebuilt and running, thanks guys! will start running hardware diags soon to see where the problem came from
  4. Should I be concerned as to why or how it became corrupt?
  5. Hey guys, I shut my system down to add a new drive. After starting a pre-clear I noticed my docker apps wont load. I went check docker and it shows "Docker Service failed to start." I tried cycling the docker service and got no change. I opened my system logs and found this: Dec 7 18:23:47 Factory1 kernel: BTRFS error (device loop2): bad tree block start, want 13562658816 have 0 Dec 7 18:23:47 Factory1 kernel: BTRFS error (device loop2): bad tree block start, want 13562658816 have 0 Dec 7 18:23:47 Factory1 kernel: BTRFS warning (device loop2): failed to read root (objectid=2): -5 Dec 7 18:23:47 Factory1 root: mount: /var/lib/docker: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop2, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. Dec 7 18:23:47 Factory1 kernel: BTRFS error (device loop2): open_ctree failed Dec 7 18:23:47 Factory1 root: mount error I attached my diagnostics does this sound like my SSD is going out or does it need some form of chkdsk for btrfs? factory1-diagnostics-20191208-0039.zip
  6. Yes I did get a chance to review the port forwarding information there which does state port forwarding is supported. I get the impression all ports must be manually forwarded. I am not sure which port needs to be forwarded though? Do I need to forward all container ports? or the ports shown as incoming and outgoing under preferences > network from within deluge?
  7. Hey guys, I am looking for some help with super slow performance on downloads. I know normally there is port forwarding required on routers to get good speeds but I am not sure how this works going through a VPN. From what I have read delugevpn should be taking care of that on its own but it sounds like its vpn provider specific. Does this work with torguard? or are there ports I need to manually open and container settings to modify to get speeds back to normal?
  8. Hey, Not sure if there is a better place for me to be posting this, but im looking for a bit of help setting this up I followed a guide (can find URL if needed, dont have it right infornt of me right now) to set this up but ran into a problem when pointing to my data source. I am trying to use InfluxDB, I filled in the URL as being myserver's IP with port 8086, and the name of the database, and everything else default, which seems to work however when selecting save and test I am getting "InfluxDB Error: error parsing query: found IDENT, expected ; at line 1, char 30" I am really not sure what to make of that or how to continue? Once again, if theres a better place for me to be asking please just point me in the right direction. thanks!
  9. This sounds like a dumb question and I am probably missing something super obvious, but how do I select which branch when adding the container in unraid?
  10. oh wow, i knew i was missing something simple but had no idea how simple it was lol thanks
  11. Hi guys, I have searched around and now have a test user account and a test folder to play with folder permissions. I seem to be able to give the test user access to read and write, but all other users seem to get read access. Is there any way I can create private shares so only the specified user has read access? Sorry if this has already been answered, I can't seem to find much on it, and the few posts I did see went way above my head real fast (very new to UnRAID, simple to understand answers please!) thanks for any pointers!
  12. Hey, I am on my unraid trial and trying to get things set up for the first time, looking for some suggestions. This server will be performing mass storage for general use and time machine backups, as well as running Plex, Jackett, Sonarr, and Radarr. I have a range of spinners from 1-4tb I plan on using for the main pool in XFS (seems like it doesnt have the corruption issues of BTRFS, not sure what to think of EXT4) For cache, I plan on using an 860 evo 500gb drive. My reading suggests that BTRFS is the way to go for supporting trim, though I have heard some drives dont need to be given the trim command and will do this on their own anyways. Additonally, i have a old 120gb SSD that I have no use for, but SMART shows the drive to be healthy other than a few reallocations that it has done. My thought was to use it as a docker drive so my main cache isnt pulling double duty and lets face it, its a use for a small drive. Would this drive also benefit from being BTRFS? or would XFS or EXT4 be fine for that use? If i include this drive in the main pool, and tell all other shares not to use this drive, it would get the benefit from being backed up, but I dont think it would perform well due to parity being on a 4tb spinner, so should I mount this drive outside of the main pool? Thanks for your thoughts!
  13. Just got mine in and she fits! Figured out what you meant about cutting the screw short the hard way lol thank you again!
  14. Awesome thank you, ill have to pick one up and sell the Supermicro one off. I have seen a few models of the BPU-350SATA. From what I can tell it’s just a matter of color