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  1. thnx for the heads up. didnt find that one after my extensive search
  2. im very pleased with this plugin as i can "safely" manage my environment outside my own network. But with safety in mind I see that im able to activate the 2fa for the forums/unraid.net website part, but i would like to have the option to use 2fa while accesing my server. if i use the http://xxxxxxxxx.unraid.net the only thing i need are my credentials and one of the 2 is already known ( the root part) for the world. Or am i missing an option somewhere withiun unraid itself. Cheers, Dre
  3. Ok ive updated bios. Set the power state to idle . And disabled cstate through https://github.com/r4m0n/ZenStates-Linux/blob/master/zenstates.py Set the DDR4 to 1866 Lets hope it will be enough. With current knowledge is upgrading this to 2700 or even 3700 an option or will i be haunted on those aswell ? Thnx for this tip JorgeB
  4. Hello all, I could use some help pintpointing the origin of the unraid crashes that occur daily now. Last few weeks i've started to migrate from old nas to 1 unraid server. Im using an amd 1700x with a taichi mainboard. (32 gb memory) nothing is overclocked. But now my unraid setup crashes once/twice a day. The memory is new. The harddisks are used ( i know ) but besides one smart error ( yesterday) everything is ok. I am unable to find something in the syslog. Any help is appreciated. Cheers, André
  5. I tested the template and it worked like a charm. A working AMP docker environment with working minecraft server !!! Thnx