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  1. Ok the downgrade worked now, lost all the torrents in the list atleast i can download again from those trackers. Thanks again.
  2. Upgraded to the latest version without a Problem but after a few hours i saw that latest version is not on the whitelist for some Trackers, my question is now how do i downgrade ? I tried changing the repository to binhex/arch-delugevpn:1.3.15_18_ge050905b2-1-04 didn't work won't start.
  3. Hello, i got a problem with Delugevpn, VPN and Speed is perfect except for connecting from a Windows Thin client. It doesn't matter how many users i create i just can't connect to the docker to config the RSS Plugin. Sonarr works with the Docker but for my needs the RSS Feed auto add torrents would be better and no other Torrent Docker has RSS Support.
  4. Did you try to boot the unraid gui? Because for me the „normal“ Boot does not work it stopps after initializing....ok. Only the gui Works for me
  5. Turn off the power supply, i have this Problem every few Boots. Thank god i need to reboot only for updates/hardware upgrades.
  6. I had the controlr companion App before although never connected to the webui, now i cant connect to the webui not even krusader maybe tomorrow. After the App update or unraid 6.5.0 the sleep function within the mobile App is greyed out.
  7. Hello, first of all thanks for this awesome app. After Updating the App i saw that Unraid 6.5 was available so i updated Unraid to 6.5.0, after that i couldnt bring my server to Sleep with the App its greyed out. Do i need some extra App/config besides Dynamix S3 Sleep and the Unraid Controlr app ? Edit: tried also to downgrade to 6.4.0 didnt do anything can't use the sleep function within the app and also can't wake it up within the app