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  1. This solution works the problem its windows for example its all laggy and the game cant go up 60 fps whit a 1660 super and ryzen 3600 ,
  2. mmm thanks xDD , i was playing LoL from 120 fps to 60 drops all time whit a 1650 super , i read your comment changue to q35 (5.0) and now im playing whit 500 fps xDDDDD
  3. I try this and work but now i cant install any nvidia drivers and get error 43
  4. is there another alternative to vhd for installing games ? , working whit vhd is..stressful all time whit error is in use and need to restart server 3 - 4 times a day just becouse windows, and cant install in share becouse battle net for example detects it and does not allow to install it i have multi user proyect , whit a ryzen 5 3600 and 2 gpu , 2 vm whit windows installed I do not stop having problems when playing games, but I do not know if it is because of the virtual machine for the vhd or simply windows
  5. its possible to be mounted the vhd in 2 vms at the same time? , its work very well but when i start another vm calls and error the vhd its in use
  6. I have a 1660 to , for me was super easy , if u can have a second gpu like 710 to be the primary gpu you only need to enter system devices , bind 4 elements 2 usb 2 audio u can know by the serial numer (00:00:1) reboot and in vm edits select the gpu u want and then down in pcie devices select the others 2 elements u bind early and works¡¡ if u only have 1 gpu its a lot of work , follow the instructions given bytestdasi and url
  7. in my opinion have 2 gpu for the vm is a little bit overkill , yes u can use 1 for each vm ,I recommend you to buy another gpu like a 710 or 730 just for be the primary gpu will be alot easier , whit my 1650 super was a terror to passthrough but whit a primary gpu was connect the gpu bind group whit 4 elements and works very very well , and yes u can have boths gpu in a vm whit unraid
  8. hello i have 2 vm one whit 1650 super passthrough for that all okay , but when i start to start other vm whit a 1050 <- its the primary gpu whit her bios shutsdown my others vm and call this error on log "char device redirected to /dev/pts/2 (label charserial0) 2020-08-27 20:55:25.396+0000: shutting down, reason=failed" 1 edit: i cant have 2 power on , if i only have the 1050 (primary gpu) on i dont have video output i will test other bios if that works but if i only have the 1650 super vm on all works fine except the other vm that dont power on and shutsdown this vm 2 edit: i try it to start in headless mode but that dont work, still testing other bios 3 edit: FIX , I back to unraid 6.8.3 from beta version , when i reboot my vm calling cant allocate memory , and anothers errors/mistakes that 6.9 are not calling , well now is fix 2 vms on whit bios in primary gpu and working
  9. dident work , i use cpu-z and save it as 1650.dump , now i dont have the error but i have black screen whit no video
  10. hello im trying to passthrough a asus 1650 (this version only powers whit pcie) when i start the vm say that error i have vbios from techpowerup