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  1. Hi, Firstly thank you for your work on this, it's all awesome. I have used this and very happy, but want to start a fresh, so wanted to know how to basically trash and start again. I have tried but after macinabox is downloaded again, I'm now missing the scripts and the virtmanager fails to load, so I've messed up something. Any pointer or help would be appreciated.
  2. My Sonarr container is huge compared to radarr - 88GB vs 515MB. Is there anywhere I can look to check why this is so large. I have increased the size of the docker image, but it doesn't help, as it just grows to fill the image space.
  3. Hi All I have an issue connecting to my News Server, appears (from what I can see) that the Root CAs are not loaded correctly from the binhex nzbget docker configuration. I can see the cert etc from the UnRaid terminal via openSSL etc, so I know connectivity is good. How can I add the CA, which I have downloaded from My configuration of my new server is good WRT authentication and am using port 563 for SSL. Thanks
  4. I am new to UnRaid and have a new Unraid server and an existing Synology NAS The Synology has been active for a number of years and has an SMB share available which is accessed via a service account by other devices. When I try to add the SMB share from UnRaid, I step through the GUI/Wizard and select: Windows (being an SMB share), lists my Synology NAS, enter my servics account username/password but then no shares are displayed. I cannot figure out why UnRaid cannot see the SMB shares but everything else can. I suspect that this has something to do with authentication/username/