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  1. Thank you so much. I checked the github page but stupidly missed that.
  2. Does someone know how to require a username and password prompt before the Heimdall portal page loads? eg. The same kind of security prompt for the Unraid web ui? Preferably something that integrates with perhaps fail2ban or something, for extra security. Heimdall seems to use Apache, so would a simple .htaccess setup with a username and password be okay to avoid getting serious trouble when exposing the web server to the internet? I have a very obscure domain and yes I would actually like to use this.
  3. Hey using the ControlR Android app. I can see system and vm logs, but not docker for some reason (middle option). Why is this?
  4. I managed to get this to sync with my devices perfectly over LAN using the info I provided below. But I still have one problem. I am unable to directly add a file to a folder via Windows Explorer on my SMB share. That is, I cannot drag and drop a photo into the //Server/Storage/sync/My_Folder directory to be sent to my other devices. It says "permission denied" in Windows. How do I fix this? _________________________________________________________ Just letting you guys know. I had to swap my interface from "Bridge" to "br0" for this to work properly. Otherwise I also got the issue with it not connecting ever again after 15 mins. Also disabled the relay on all of my devices to first properly work out the LAN issues I was having, because if after a certain time a LAN connection can't be made it'll just move to using a relay and it's sort of hard to work out if it's using the relay (gotta scour the log, or look at the slow speed etc). In addition to that I added the port "22010" to the port mappings before installing the Docker app. Then I changed the listen address in the app to "TCP 22010" because having it set as "default" causes a "connected to myself, not supposed to happen" error every 60 seconds. Then I set the listen address on each of my devices as follows TCP 22011, 22012 etc. and port forwarded these over my router. Not sure if I had to do these 2 steps but I did it anyway. After this I re-enabled the relay so my files can sync when I am away from home. Over LAN I'm able to get just up to 50MB/s transfer speeds (Smartphone is the bottleneck) which is much, much higher than Nextcloud which used to only get me about 10MB/s. Probably due to less overhead and not having to write to a DB etc. Hope this helps someone and thanks for providing this app.
  5. That's a shame. For now I'm just talking about the docker app "the-lounge" it's an IRC web client. Could you give me an example of how I could find the location of the Apache folder, like what to look for?
  6. Hey I want to password protect a couple of the docker web portals I am using. Where am I meant to drop the .htpasswd and .htaccess files?
  7. Hola. Can someone give me a hand in getting this to work? I've installed the docker but I want to make a single user, connect it to an IRC channel and then basically make the user idle forever. I've gained access to the docker by running: docker exec -it the-lounge bash It seems I only have vim/vi as a text editor. I tried opening the "users" file but it says that it's not a regular file. What's next? Never-mind. Got it sorted with: docker exec -it thelounge node /app/node_modules/thelounge/index.js --home /config add <user> I thought that above command was for something else. So running both these commands allows you to connect to the docker and quickly add a user and give that user a password.