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  1. I have had a lot of trouble recently wiht my SAS controller card. I presumed it was because it was SAS and not LSI... i replaced it today and disk 7 is still not available. This is on the heals of disk 6 failing and being replaced. The timing is suspect. could someone please look at my diagnostics and confirm that 7 is in need of replacement and that there is not a greater issue looming? I would be eternally grateful. Regards, Matt server-diagnostics-20190707-0056.zip
  2. I have been experiencing a lot of issues where a HDD is no longer available. Currently there is a Supermicro AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 handling 6 drives. I already understand that this is likely a large part of my issue, but maybe not entirely? I've posted diagnostics in case someone wants to be awesome and look this over. I plan on replacing the card but need a little help grabbing the correct card as I really don't know my way around controller cards. I am looking at the LSI LOGIC 9211-8I. Would this be an adequate card for a replacement? Second to that, the reseller is Server Suppy https://tinyurl.com/y6zmbgc4 are they a reputable supplier for refurbished equipment? server-diagnostics-20190702-1905.zip
  3. I did start the array and performed a check. There were 0 errors found. The unassigned HDD is the original disk that needs replaced. I have a new one pre-cleared and ready to go in. It appears everything is available, which is concerning as it had not been after my last reboot. There is *some* problem lurking in the background.
  4. The diagnostic file is uploaded. I would greatly appreciate help in figuring this out. Thank you server-diagnostics-20190601-0810.zip
  5. As soon as pre-clear finishes I will post that.
  6. I recently had a drive fail, no biggie, its happened before. I replaced it with another drive and began the pre-clear. When I brought the server online to pre-clear, the drive shows "not installed" which makes sense, but there is no mention of emulation. Trying to access the shares on the server, much of the data is missing. on individual drives the data is present, but not in the shares. Before I create a larger mess, I was hoping for a little guidance as this is different than any previous drive failure I have had. I am running unRAID 6.6.6 Attached is a copy of my syslog. My principle concern is rebuilding the array with whatever state the system is in leading to permanent data loss - obviously! I genuinely appreciate any help that can be offered. System Log.txt
  7. Replacing HDD cables is likely the easiest/cheapest preventative maintenance possible. Recently, though, I have had what started off as major issues end up being extremely easy fixes. To start off with I have dozens of extra SATA cables. some are locking, others aren't. But I'm lazy? In the last 2 weeks I had my Parity drive as well as 3 others show up as problematic. After considerable hemming and hawing I replaced the cables and it fixed the issues. But it made me wonder, is their a schedule that anyone keeps to for replacing cables to ensure smooth operation?
  8. SOLVED Ever since I upgraded from 6.3.5 to 6.5.0 I have lost the use of unrar. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Nerd tools app, but haven't had any luck getting this function back. -bash: unrar: command not found I apologize if this has been asked and answered, but I'm at my wits end on this. Any help would be great. Regards. Edit.... Damn It, I found a previous post about turning on the individual applications within NerdPack... never saw that before...
  9. I don't claim to know how much effort it would take to make this work, but would it be possible to make a plugin that simply stops, starts, restarts the installed plugins? In the main window for it, you could simply have a checkbox for each Phaze plugin currently available. You check the boxes for the plugins you have installed, and if you need to stop all the plugins, click stop one time and it takes care of the rest. I only ask because I am using multiple plugins and the system always seems to hang if I don't manually stop all of them prior to taking it offline. In any event, I appreciate what you have brought to this community.
  10. I installed a AOC-SAS2LP-MV8 over the weekend. Completely plug-n-play with 6.1.9. I actually added 4 2TB HDD in one commercial break of football action. I was amazed.
  11. Forgive me if this has been asked or explained previously, I couldn't find an answer to my question. Recently I took my array offline and was amazed to find that there the 4tb drive,which UnRaid did not have in the array and showed as disabled was spinning. That led me to wonder why any disk in an array not in use and not online, would even be spun up? Is there a setting I am missing? It seems if you take the array offline, you should be able to pull a drive and replace it without it trying to gyroscope out of your hands. Is Unraid 6.1.9 not warm swapable? Could this be changed in future iterations of the Software? Thanks, Matt
  12. PhAZe, deleting the config folder got CP up and running. What from the original config is should be moved over to restore the database and previous settings? I appreciate your help. I have been using your plugins since you started them and this is the first issue I have had. I opted to just reenter all my data. it was easy and this way I'm not importing the problem back in. Thanks for your help TRP
  13. After following these instructions, I now have Sab, Sick and Transmission working again, but am still getting the start failed, no PID created error for Couchpotato. syslog.txt
  14. Thank you Phaze. For me it isn't SickRage (I don't use it), it is CouchPotato, SickBeard, Sab, and Transmission. None of them will start.
  15. Kitwolf, did you ever get past this, because it sounds like my problem as well.