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  1. Thanks for your reply. I've changed both apps ports. I went into Deluge and changed the port but now I'm not able to connect to the Webui
  2. Hi everyone, I'm having a pain in the a** issue with radarr failing/timing out on connecting to deluge. The only thing I've changed is the default port (I'm assuming this is the problem) I'd really like to keep my custom port layout. 2021-10-04 09:26:58,673 DEBG 'radarr' stdout output: [Warn] RadarrErrorPipeline: Invalid request Validation failed: -- : Unknown exception: The operation has timed out.: '' If it is related to the port could someone please guide me on how to fix this within the container?
  3. Thanks @bastl I did try the Q35 machine but no go with old GPU config, I'm hoping using the G210 is primary for Unraid and than trying Q35 again that it'll work. Will try this and report back my result.
  4. Thanks for you're helpful reply testdasi, well the main reason would be I've changed so many things under the hood and a few things aren't even working correctly anymore I would just like a clean slate. Hi Squid, love your work! Yes I'm aware that the Oct drivers are the last to work without issue but being unable to keep one's display drivers up to date is like buying a Ferrari and driving it in first gear, so my question is, is this now our fate when it comes to AMD drivers within KVM VM's or is this being worked on by AMD/KVM communities? If this is more of a permanent situation, i'll have to be looking at other options unfortunately.
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been using Unraid (quite happily) for about 16 months now, after a lot of tinkering and tweaking the time has come to hit the reset button. Another configuration change I would like to make is, adding in a dedicated GPU for Unraid to use exclusively as I had been using one of the two RX 580's as primary for Unraid/VM. So with that here are my questions: When doing a clean install of Unraid as described in the starting over wiki, what should I be aware of that may not have been stated or clearly stated? In other words I just want to keep my data on the array, so besides making sure my parity, data and cache drives are reassigned correctly and the file system eg. xfs is the same, are there other pointers or pitfalls that can be shared by others that have done this before? The BIOS dump that I've been using when configuring the RX580's with VM's was dumped from one card and is being used for both, does this make a difference seeing as it is the exact same brand/model card? I'll be using an old nvidia G210 for unraid to hook, is there a way to ensure Unraid hooks this card on every boot up and not one of the other cards? Can it be stubbed within unraid so that it doesn't show as a device that can be assigned? Since last year when installing new Radeon drivers, the VM's are black screening. Reading posted threads on the forum about this is disconcerting to say the least. Any solid work arounds for this yet? As the solution (only one that I found posted by a user) did not work for me. And it's going to suck big time if this becomes a kind of deal breaker with a system I've been using without a hitch for a while... Thanking you for you're input/comments/suggestions in advance.
  6. Yes, I deleted the docker settings from appdata, so it wasn't an orphaned image upon re-installing from apps. Is there any info I should be worried about in the Diagnostics dump? Any sensitive info it may contain?
  7. Hi everyone, I'm having a very frustrating problem with concerns to downloads atm, I think it may be related to a unclean shutdown that occurred. Both the deluge and sab vpn dockers refused to start up, I eventually totally removed both and recreated from scratch. Both started up after this, the SAB docker is working without a hitch but when downloading anything through Deluge I get an error on downloads on various stages of completion. I've also searched the topic for "error" and "download error" but mostly finding error in connecting to the deluge interface. I would really appreciate if someone can assist me as I've reached my troubleshooting limit on this. I also had a look on supervisord log but it could just as well be hieroglyphics...
  8. Thanks, appreciate the info. I suspect it must be one of the GPU's, will be putting them through their paces tonight, if there isn't any instability issues. I'll just use the syslinux fix. For some reason I now have a craving for whiskey.
  9. Hi Guys, I've worked through most of the notifications that I've gotten in the fix common problems plugin, this morning I had a notice that stated /var/log is a 100% full and something that was referring to a trace back call? Both these have disappeared after a reboot. But I can see in the logging an error is just repeating, so I'll have that log fill up quite quickly again. Please see image attached for error.
  10. Ok will do, wasn't sure how the community feels about post spamming.
  11. Hi I've also received this notification, the problem is that it has cropped up only after my server has been up for 1day 47min!? The mover logging has been disabled this whole time as well?
  12. I'm getting this error when trying to install CA plugin: installing: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Squidly271/community.applications/master/plugins/community.applications.plgplugin: file doesn't exist or xml parse error
  13. Not really sure what the issue was here, I would call it some weird bug. I eventually pulled the unraid thumb drive from my main server and booted it on the laptop, finally got access to the GUI re-registered my trial and booted successfully on main server. Something I figured out is, if you get a strange IP starting with 169.xxx this seems to be unraid not leasing an address quickly enough as pointed out by @ken-ji wait a minute or two and before logging in to tower as root press ctrl+c, this will re-display the tower IP with the newly leased address. Thanks @Frank1940 for your effort in helping.
  14. I pinged successfully as well as www.google.com is being resolved correctly, I was also successful in pinging the unraid server from the laptop via the assigned address. But am still not able to access the GUI through a browser. I downloaded another browser as I'm thinking there may be something wrong on chrome's side, but no dice. The new browser does word it interestingly "your connection is being refused" How that can be I'm not sure. How can I check if the daemon serving up the GUI interface is running correctly? I also did ipconfig /flushdns on the laptop.