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  1. Thanks, I force updated Resilio and it seemed to work.... will keep an eye on it. Do the container sizes in the above screengrab seem small for Resilio, should I and how do i increase it?
  2. I force updated Resilio and it cleared the log. I've set the Docker log to rotate, but I'm presuming this is a different log which is just for Resilio? Is there a way to keep the Resilio log at a smaller size?????
  3. Looks like it is the Resilio log? Any idea how to remove the log?
  4. Rebooting the server doesn't clear it, so thinking it's not actually memory, it's data filling the docker container?
  5. Hi folks, I've stared used Resioio Sync but as it works through syncing files from my synology NAS to my UM+NRAID, the Docker memory usage rises substantially, eventually up to 100% and then it falls over. Is it using the memory as cache, or ???? HELPPPPPPP.... I get this warning... Docker high image disk utilization: 13-04-2019 08:00 Warning [ARCHIVE-2] - Docker image disk utilization of 73% Docker utilization of image file /mnt/user/system/docker/docker.img
  6. Hi there, I accidentality unplugged one of my drives whilst array was running, yes I know I shouldn't have... Anyway, re-connected it and now it shows up as Disk 1, but it has a red X next to it and says "DEVICE IS DISABLED, CONTENTS EMULATED." How do I re-enable it? seems strange. the m/b BIOS finds the drive ok, just UNRAID has it diabled....
  7. Cheers, I’ve ordered a pre-flashed H200 from eBay. ?
  8. So why is that? Does it give issues? if I bought a H200 or H310 already flashed to IT mode would it be plug and play? Plug into existing cabling and still use the existing backplane? Heres the inside of my R610...
  9. I'm setting up a DELL Poweredge R610 with H700 RAID controller. Set up each individual drive as RAID 0, and in UNRAID it finds drives and allocates them. I've read that UNRAID doesn't like the H700, why is this? Will it cause issues? It seems to be working fine...
  10. Weirdly enough, UNRAID finds the PERC H700 drives... Thought this wasn't meant to work?
  11. Weirdly enough, I reformated the flash card, started from scratch with the Unraid boot creator and it worked fine, bizarre.... ? Thanks for advice though, must have been corrupted flash card?
  12. It's as if the NICs aren't there...
  13. Green light at NICs and switch. Swapped cables and ports around, still the same... I'm wondering id there's a weird setting in the R610 BIOS, got lots of oprions for NICs..
  14. I have two Ethernet cables attached, maybe something to do with "cannot find bond 0" ????