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  1. I was struggling with this too - the thing that fixed it for me was to: - Edit the default file in the letsencrypt/nginx site-confs folder - Comment out the #location ~ \.php$ section This was a comment that I noticed in one of the newer swag template files. Hope this helps some of you guys!
  2. Ah OK, sorry - I thought you were suggesting that I install it! Many thanks...
  3. is indeed my router. Since this I've had two identical episodes again exactly a week apart. I've now disabled ssh entirely on my Unraid box. I also checked and my Orbi already had Netgear's Armor product installed and didn't seem to have identified any of these events. I've seen a couple of other people on the forums with similar problems, but no one seems to have figured out the issue, very confused... In any case I will probably try a hard reset of the router and see if that solves the issue. Thanks for the help so far all.
  4. Hi guys, Need some help - fix common problems has notified me of hacking attempts on two different days (roughly a week apart) - 348 attempts on each day. I have a bunch of ports forwarded (letsencrypt, openvpn, plex, organizr etc.) and also a reverse proxy. 22 is closed. The log for the relevant days is full of similar lines to the below: Somewhat confused as none of these ports are forwarded so unsure how the attempts are even getting through to the unraid box. My router is a Netgear Orbi AC3000 - any ideas / similar experiences? Many thanks!
  5. First of all, great work - awesome resource to have (and thanks for your many other Unraid tutorials!) I'm trying to use Macinabox for the first time today and I get the following error: "Product ID 041-83630 could not be found" I assume this is related to Catalina 10.15.2 being released yesterday, and was wondering if there's an easy fix on my end? Thanks!
  6. HI there, Have just got a new server up and running and fixcommon problems warned me of some call trace errors - diagnostics attached. Is this something I need to worry about? Thanks!