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    Thanks for all your scripts, info and invested time in getting everything right. I've been "following" you here and on the Rclone forums. It's been quite a challenge to get everything working for my set-up based on your scripts and so far I'm at 80% I think. However there is something I don't get. If you point Sonarr/Radarr to your _upload folder (which is empty when there is nothing to be uploaded) how do you make Sonarr/Radarr know what is already in your library and which files still need to be downloaded or can be upgraded?
  2. That only works with a Plex Pass AFAIK, which I do not have. And since I also have Nextcloud I would like to be able to limit it from within NGINX (or maybe there is an other and better solution).
  3. I would like to limit the upload speed of my server to the outside world for specific dockers. Is this possible to do? I'm currently running Nextcloud and Plex for which I would like to limit the upload speed. I've found some articles about rate limiting in NGINX, but I can't make much sense of it to apply it. Would be nice to make sure other people are not collapsing my full bandwidth.