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  1. I can give you access to my systems if you would like to poke around.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I already tried all of them except the login credentials, I can login, read/write to some private shares, but I still tried deleting all of my servers saved keys in keychain, nothing. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, tried all of them, I still cannot copy a file over to some share.
  4. Their is no error messages because my Mac will simply not let me write to the drive (in the photo I’m dragging a file into the share, and the smallest red circle shows a cancel icon, when I release the file just doesn’t go into the share). No error message. -Malcolm
  5. Thanks for the response, Login items in macOS is the launch a application at login (it also works with mounting network drives), its under system preferences>users>Login items. It should signin to the server and mount the shares, but now I cannot write to most of my shares even though I have privileges.
  6. I was curious could I also move files within a share between disks? For example within Krusader can I MOVE /disk1/shareName/folderName/txtName.txt, to /disk2/shareName/folderName/. Im assuming that as long as I move the txt file to the same share and folder the file should be fine, can any verify this? -thanks
  7. All my shares where working, then I deleted one share and my mac tried to auto-connect (login Items) to the deleted share, then all shares stopped working. So I deleted all login items, restarted, and signed in to my user, one share I can read/write, but the rest I can only read (even though my computer can see that I have read/write privilages). I checked the share settings my user has permission (I tried reseting the permissions, nothing), I tried reconnecting (again) and nothing. These are mostly SMB shares, but my AFP share are also not allowing writes. Don't know what to do now. Thanks for any help! software version: Unraid: 6.8.3 MacOS: latest (10.15.4)
  8. Could you be a-little more specified, nothing but a few support post came up (none where relevent to my specific problem), I just need to know how I link my capture cards IOMMU "ID" (not proper terminology, group 14: [12ab:0710] 06:00.0) to a windows VM. I saw this post describing what some user edited their xml, but I don't understand what he did, not to mention he had a seperate problem altogether.
  9. I am trying to passthrough my Elgato 4k60 pro mk2 to a windows vm, but the card isn't showing as an option in 'other PCI Devices' of the unraid gui (for the vm xml). I think I found it in its own IOMMU group in system devices. (IOMMU group 14:[12ab:0710] 06:00.0 Multimedia controller: YUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. Device 0710). I was looking online for the capture cards ROM (mentioned in the unraid manual [Edit XML for VM to supply GPU ROM manually]), but I couldn't find it anywhere. I was wondering what I am missing/forgetting something? Thanks in advance!
  10. Ya I’m using Krusader, I just didn’t write the full path, but I’m presuming from your response that it is ok to just drag shares from disk1/ to disk2/ (within Krusader)?
  11. What if I want to move a whole share from Disk1 to Disk2 (because 95% of my shares are on one disk), can I just move them from unraid/disk1/share -> unraid/disk2/ ?
  12. So the extended SMART test didn't finish, unRAID said it was aborted by user (it wasn't), I'm running it again, but here hare the diagnostics (fyi its disk1 (sdc) that's disabled), thanks for looking them over. How would I enable the disk, would I have to go to Tools>New Config, remove the drive, then re-add it? (I just don't want to loose any data)
  13. unRAID disk1 says "device is disabled, contents are Emulated", unRAID log shows these two errors: emhttpd: error: mdcmd, 2721: Input/output error (5): write kernel: md: do_drive cmd: disk1: ATA_OP e0 ioctl error: -5 restarted, ran SMART quick test, passed, zero errors found. (I am running an extended test now, will update with results) If I can ignore this error (which a quick google search makes me believe I can) how can I re-enable the device?
  14. I was thinking of building a new ryzen unraid server (asrock phantom gaming-itx-tb3) and I was wondering if anyone knows if thunderbolt is support in the unraid kernal and if its as plug and play as I think it should be?
  15. How would I shrink the vdisk of a linux (ubuntu) VM?