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  1. I'm also experiencing this with home-assistant. Removing and re-adding the container seemed to work but a few days later it regressed to telling me auto update updated it but still saying "update ready". I've also had a few situations where the docker just disappears from the UI and is inaccessible, seemingly randomly and not just when it purports to do an update. Very annoying with a home automation server that suddenly is no longer there to turn the lights on/off like you were expecting! I've found no solution that sticks so for now have removed it from auto-updating to see if that helps at least the docker staying up and running.
  2. I found this thread very useful: In short, I followed the instructions in there and linked threads from within to see how big my Docker log files were. Syncthing was a big culprit for me although I had a few others too. I then deleted the logs as per the instructions in that thread and then also followed the guidance to enable docker log rotation in the latest version of Unraid and that has kept everything in check so far.
  3. Ah OK. I ran it with -nv to do just a test first as per the wiki instructions, but I'll do so without any flags. Thank you.
  4. Thanks. I did that and while I can't pretend to understand the output, the GUI didn't offer any options to fix anything after the check (which the wiki suggests would happen if something was found).
  5. Hi there, The first Unraid server I built had many of my drives show up with CRC errors. Since it was a hastly put together box with an external enclosure I suspected connections. I rebuilt inside new hardware (same disks) taking more time and everything has been fine for months. However in the last two weeks I have seen the same problem twice. The symptoms are that while my Docker Apps are running, they are all failing to operate correctly. For example Sonarr fails to display the web UI properly, SAB shows it can't connect to its database etc. I don't think it is a docker problem though but something to do with the array. The first time this happened I put it down to one of those things and rebooted the server. All was well for a week or so and then the same thing happened. This time I did a little more before just rebooting. 'Fix common problems' reported corruption on disk 3 and I downloaded the diagnostics zip which I attach. Looking through the log files is a bit beyond my ability so I'd be grateful if anyone can take a look and confirm if my intended course of action of replacing disk 3 is sensible or if there is something else wrong. Many thanks. tower-diagnostics-20181025-0642.zip
  6. Hi there. I hope someone can help. I’ve tried looking at some other threads and searching but I think I’d like someone’s opinion on what I should do next as I’m quite likely to mess things up. I left a lot of downloads going on a Sab docker while I was away and I got a lot of warnings emailed to me that the cache drive was full but they cleared to normal levels. Upon returning none of my dockers are behaving and it all apppears to be due to the cache drive becoming read only. Can anyone offer any advice on what to do next please? tower-diagnostics-20180720-2035.zip