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Cache appears to have become read only


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Hi there. I hope someone can help. I’ve tried looking at some other threads and searching but I think I’d like someone’s opinion on what I should do next as I’m quite likely to mess things up. I left a lot of downloads going on a Sab docker while I was away and I got a lot of warnings emailed to me that the cache drive was full but they cleared to normal levels. Upon returning none of my dockers are behaving and it all apppears to be due to the cache drive becoming read only. Can anyone offer any advice on what to do next please?




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I'll let others comment on why the file system is read-only, and more to the point what to do to fix it, but I will add my 2 cents in and comment that anecdotally if you're only running a single cache drive (and no immediate intention to upgrade to a cache pool), you're better off using XFS for the cache drive instead of BTRFS.  Its more forgiving, especially if you don't have a 100% stable server.

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