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  1. I have been using UNRAID Since 2015 and at first my usage was a little basic, but with the videos from Space invader One my system has taken off in a whole new way, i have now replaced 2 of my other servers with UNRAID & Docker which is saving electricity and man hours. the reliability and functionality of UNRAID sets it apart from the competition .... Happy Birthday UNRAI.
  2. Hi I was Upgrading Parity Drive to a larger drive, I stopped the array and swapped the parity drive for a larger drive, as soon as i booted the system back up to the point where i would normally start the array one of the other drive chose that exact moment to fail. At first i thought "No Problem" i could just power down the server and reinstall the original Parity drive because i had not actually done anything. But for some reason its showing as Blue - new disk present and i cannot restart the array because i now have 2 disks out. Any Ideas? I do have a back up of my config