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  1. I think, theres another update for Crashplan available.... maybe you can look into that...
  2. Here you Can login https://www.crashplanpro.com/login/#/login?to=%2Fconsole%2F You can set up everything there, including the folders to backup, witch time etc... It is a bit slower but it works fine and is maintained by Code42. I’m using it and it works perfectly, so I can leave the blank white docker behind Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk Pro
  3. I would say... every resolution... from the basic one with wich the docker comes to better ones like 1920x1080 It's like the one before me postet... Dropdown Menu and everything is white... had this problems with the version before the last update also Edit: Just found out... if I log in on the Code42 web page and visit the admin console I can adjust all the same settings easily withouth having the troubles of the white site behaviour of the docker container... so I just can leave the container web ui as it is and I can live with this solution and every thing is fine... for me
  4. Hi Guys! Thanks for making this Docker available to us, love it so far, and works quiet well. Tried out Duplicati before, but it has too much problems I think. Starts Backup, but stops after 1 TB, keeps showing errors in database (no rep is helping) etc But, there is a thing, that doesn't work very well for me... When I change the resolution of the Crashplan Docker, I get more often a blank white screen if I would like to change something in the settings, especially if there is a drop down menu. If I set the resolution back to 1280 x 768 it gets better, but still this happens sometimes. If this is the case, I have to restart the container otherwise I can't use it because its all blank. Is there a solution for this? Also found out, if I let crashplan detect and set the language it is getting worse... So I changed it from auto to english, I can deal with that point...
  5. Saw some of his videos already. This was very helpful at the beginning. Test box was only to learn so I can start a Real server
  6. Supermicro X11SPL-f xeon Silver 4110 32 GB ECC Ram 5x4 TB Ironwolf and 2 TB Ironwolf for Time Machine 2x240 GB SSD for Cache Test Box was an old HP DC7800 and was limited by 3 SATA Connectors. The new pinning function seems to be great. On the test box I had 6.5.3 until it broke
  7. Thanks this was a really useful explanation. Now I see this stuff much clearer starting my unraid server tomorrow. Can’t wait for it. Only had a test box so far, but it broke a few weeks ago
  8. Pinning is for me when i create a VM, and in this mask I can choose the specific cores. So this is not isolating them, right?
  9. Good Morning Guys! I was looking for answers for the question above. But so far, wasn‘t able to find something usefull If I would Pin 2 Cores to an VM, they are reservated for it and used by the VM. The Rest of the cores would be used by Unraid as it is necessary. So far so good... But what happens to these two cores when the VM is shut down? Are they still not available or will they go back to the Rest and can be used from Unraid for other tasks? Greets
  10. Thanks for your answers! So, you say it is possible to play remote on the machine via VM but I need to use direct connected usb devices (mouse, keyboard) because of lags completely via remote? It would have been really fine if I could play complete remotely over RDP, Moonlight or something and won't need some hardwired devices connected from the living room 2 floors down to the cellar. Won't play on an TV, would have used my Mac to get the remote Access to the VM. The unRaid build does not exist at the moment, I'm just planning. Actually I run unRaid on an 10 years old HP DC7800 just for testing. Also there is an Windows VM on this little thing, and, in fact it does not have a dedicated GPU passed through for the VM it looks promising for me to get some good performance from an new build with i7 8700 + dedicated gpu. If I really need to connect directly the USB devices... huh... would be some looooong cables to get this done
  11. Can Nobody give me an helping answer in this works or not?
  12. Hi Guys.. I'm new to this unRaid stuff but I want to build my own NAS because my cheap QNAP drives me crazy... I testet some other systems like OMV, FreeNAS but I would like to stick on unRaid. The last few weeks I did a lot of research, testing the system, looking for hardware etc.. and read a lot about unRaid and VMs... So I found for myself some different hardware setups but 1 important thing I could not find out... My Build would be in the cellar with all the other networking stuff... and I know how to run and acces a Windows VM on the machine via VNC, but, if I would add a graphics card later, will I be able to play remotly on it? I'm talking about games like Battlefield etc. which need have some serious hardware requierements. This is an important question for me because, if it will not be able, I can buy much cheaper hardware because then it would only be used as a File and Plex Server. The only way I will be accesing the machine will be over the local network. I won't play the games from the smartphone outside the house. I would like the unRaid server to be the all in one box solution for streaming, gaming, sharing and storing a lot of files. I saw Linus Video with to VMs on one Machine... really impressive... but he had the machine in front of him... and I don't have the place to put this machine in the living room. Also I hate the noise of the fans. Maybe someone her can help me with this question...