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  1. Are there any examples of what needs to be done to get the Firefox-Syncserver docker to work with letsencrypt?
  2. I have the bitwarden docker deployed, but I am facing a strange issue where it will not automatically sync updates when they are made. I followed the setup options laid out by the LinuxServer blog post: https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/01/15/self-hosting-bitwarden/ I don't see any logs in the docker error messages, and I see sync being generated and stating they are completing successfully. Only way to get the options to sync are by manually syncing them. Thanks in advance
  3. Fix common problems has a machine check events detected on your system. I have attached the diagnostic report from the system. I am running a AMD Ryzen and it seem that the mcelog is not supported by this processor and the other option mentioned in the syslogs is not found in Nerd Pack. Any idea how to get edac_mce_amd? `mcelog: ERROR: AMD Processor family 23: mcelog does not support this processor. Please use the edac_mce_amd module instead.` tower-diagnostics-20190621-1533.zip