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  1. Thanks for the Info. Sadly appdata is already excluded and the Problems persists on my Side. I will try to fiddle around with the depth a bit. Currently the Plugin is disabled but I had a little more time to investigate the Problem. I will post Updated Logs and my new findings.
  2. jh1987 does your Docker log say anything after the successfull deployment of this above Repository config?
  3. Just out of curiosity, do you need your 2nd Computer out of practical Reasons like the Physical Local? I personally would try somelink like this with the existing Unraid Server with expansion Cards when mine would be so powerfull with dual E5-2687w's and 128GB RAM. But I also know Proxmox and as you said like anything, a learning curve is associated with this System. Personally I would say it depends on what your future Plans are. If your Plans are to only marginally touch this Gateway Server and the main purpose for proxmox would be this one Machine I wouldn't hassle. Proxmox it a powerfull Tool which can also be used in Business Environments. At first thought Clustering, Storage-Area-Network (SAN) Access and also the Web GUI Firewalling Part comes to mind and I'am sure there is much more. So my Conclusion on your Situation? Do you only use this in an "Home Environment" or do you intend this as a limited User Project? I would stay with Unraid yes the NAS portion is a major Selling point but all depends on your Value. I personally have a Backup Server were the "NAS-functionality" is based out of a JABOD array without any parrity and a bunch of Docker for VPN and Motioneye. But Setup time of this whole System is also a factor. But this is only my humble opinion of your situation. Greetings Stroker
  4. Sorry this Post will not be a lot of help @cheesemarathon but I expierienced also problems after the last update and wanted to notify persons here over my expierience. I noticed it just today because the WebGUI didn't came up but i didn't change anything on the Container for weeks. I got a "Connection Refused" on the GUI and I got curious. After that i had done a "netstat -tulpn" on the unraid server itself and nothing showed up. Bot no Errors in the Docker log. But a deletion from GUI (with active "also remove image"), a "rm -rf openvpn-as" from the Appdata over the console and reinstall of the Template from the WebGUI worked. I just had no internal config of the Container anymore. @aptalca On my Side it works with the Setup "eth0" on INTERFACE and also HOST Networking as Containerconfig Edit: But this didn't happend with my 2nd Server where the exact same configuration is running... Strange...
  5. Thanks for the tipp but sadly I already exclude all no data folders. (Backups, tmp, appdata,vms,....) but sadly the problem persists... even with the new unraid versions.... How much files does your log say you have when running the Folder Caching? I'm just wondering if I have just that many files... but in total I have just ~10TB and the bulk of it would be videos...
  6. Hey Guys and Girls! for a few Weeks a got a very strange Problem as drescribed in the post here with Screenshots and my diagnostics file. To put it short I get consistent CPU spikes as high as 25 to 40 or nearly 50 % with activated Folder Caching, They appear as often as the setting "Maximum interval between folder scans (sec):" is selected. What was not discribed in the last post was the log of the Plugin itself at /var/log/cache_dirs.log . I have attached this as txt file to this Post and also a fresh Screenshot of the graph in the Statistics Plugin. This is with all settings at default and excluded all Backup or Cache Folders. In this it logs like 5-14% CPU Usage but in the Statistics Plugin I get much higher CPU Use as seen in the referenced Post or the Screenshot. With the unlimited deph I get nearly 122k files. The same Usage and nearly the same Spikes appear when the depth is fixed at 5 with arround 59k files. Should this usage be this much with a i3-3240? Shoudn't it scale accross the load of files? or are this Spikes anormal? Bonienl in the linked post said that he couldn't explain this spikes to himself either but sadly had no idea how to proceed. Does anyone here have any idea how I could troubleshoot this problem further? Best Regards Stroker folder_caching_logs.txt
  7. Does anyone have an idea was is causing this behaviour? For now i have deactivated the Plugin but I quite liked the feature... Best Regards
  8. Happend to me also last week. I run 1-2 Extended SMART Checks on the drive and these came back clean. After rechecking my Disk got no essential SMART Error Value it got a 2nd chance from me. For now (1 week and ongoing with write and read access) it works without any additional error appearing. as bonienl said it was a non-destructive error and simple indicated a "hick-up". Best Regards Stroker
  9. Yes its possible that such directorys exist (Project Folders of Java or Android apps come here to mind for me) but nothing deeper than a NTFS Partition could handle. This Files and Directorys also existed before. Every Backup/Docker Folder or VM folder is already excluded. If I try to set the "Use Adaptive depth" to "Fixed" and set a relativly low level like "7" (everything else is empty so default) then I see a constant Load of 30-60% on my CPU for minutes after minutes. Not even the Timeouts seem to work for me. If I read the settings right the longest would be " Scan timeout for a scan during disk-idle period (sec): " but the default says it is only maximal 150 sec. At the Screenshot it ran for 5 Minutes straight. If I just add my Video share which has a max depth of ~8-10 with all settings back to default then the spikes are still there... I don't think that such a depth should be a problem in any way... On the end of this CPU activity the Disks spun down so no activity on these for the whole time right after Caching activation. Edit: Sorry but I just noticed. Should this Thread not better be in the plugin Support part of the Forum? If yes could it get moved? sorry for the mistake
  10. Hey bonienl, Yes the new Version 2018.08.27a was released today but sadly this changed nothing on the cpu spike side. All the Screens you can see are with Version 2018.08.27a and with the Settings from the 3rd Screenshot
  11. Hello Guys & Girls! I build by first Unraid Server a few Days ago and having quite alot of fun fiddeling around. All went fine for the last couple days but yesterday I configured some Times for Parity checks/Auto Plugin and Docker Update as well as Backups though "Backup/Restore Appdata" and "Auto Update Applications". Today I woke up to oddly CPU spikes inside the Stats. Every 10 Seconds there is a Spike of 30-50%. After a lot of fiddeling I found out that the Dynamix Folder Caching was to blame. I couldn't remeber that something like that appeared before but in my opinion I changed nothing that should affect the CPU in this ways. I didn't even change the settings for Folder Caching itself. Now I'm quite desperate. A Screen on how my CPU Usage looks the second I turn on the Folder Caching is attached. In the beginning you can see the initial scan. On the Second Screen you can see my Settings inside the Folder Caching App. Today I excluded some of my Shares but this helped little. only when I include just 1 or 2 the spikes apear smaller. The Update which arrived today added quite a lot of additional Settings but the Problem persists. I found another Post with the same Problem here in the Forum with the Tag Solved But sadly I cannot say why and how it was solved? It mentioned the Setting "Scan User Shares" in the post but this setting vanished in the new Version 2018.08.27a and was disabled from the beginning (as it is default). Can somebody give me a tipp how to troubleshoot this Problem futher? The Spikes dissapear the second I dissable Folder Caching but I quite liked the feature. Diagnostics are also attached. If any other Log-File helps just let me know. My System: Core i3-3240 8GB RAM Asrock B75 Pro3-M with 6 Attached HDDS (5x 3TB 1x 6TB) and 2x Cache SSDs (1x 64 & 1x 120 GB) Unraid 6.5.3 Dynamix Cache Directories 2018.08.27a all Docker Container & VM's are stopped Best Regards Stroker unraid-diagnostics-20180827-1938.zip