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  1. Looks like they updated, just had to reinstall last night and it works again now Thanks for pointing me to that
  2. I've been running pi-hole for years mostly issue free but yesterday it died on me. I've had some recent disk errors that were traced back to SATA controller issues and hopefully were resolved with the last beta but this seems to be something new. Whenever I start the docker I get the following in the log and then it just keeps restarting. I've tried removing the docker and starting over but no luck so far and a google search has only turned up people having OS issues on raspbian when running on a pi. [s6-init] making user provided files available at /var/run/s6/etc...ex
  3. I feel like I'm missing something obvious but I'm stuck at the moment with Hashed Keys for UHD discs. I used to go to and download the latest file and I was good to go. It's been a while since I have but now it looks like there is no file to manually download anymore but rather "MakeMKV automatically downloads the latest hash key file as needed, provided you have "contact the web server" enabled in your preferences" I don't see that option anywhere and searching seems to just lead to th
  4. Knock on wood but I think I'm good now. Rebuild completed with no errors and disk is enabled again. Thanks for the help!
  5. Thank you Jorge, I just started a rebuild, fingers crossed (again)
  6. Thanks Jorge, I'll turn scheduled parity checks back on and start getting back to business as usual. Should I mark this thread as Solved now? Also, I know it looked like I had some corruption when I rebuilt my disk, would it make sense to run that again then?
  7. Bump Been taking it easy on the server but so far so good, haven't noticed anything since updating to RC1 I just ran an extended scan of fix common problems with no errors found and I've attached another diagnostics for what that's worth. Not trying to spam things but hoping someone can give this a once over and let me know where I stand or what's next.
  8. New update, new kernel and I'm back with a new diagnostics. Just did the update and in my unprofessional opinion I'm optimistic. My dashboard came back complete with dockers and VMs again and from just poking around for a few minutes things look normal. I took a look at my disk stats right before the update, like I said I avoided doing anything to spin the disks up intentionally. Attached is my diagnostics from right after the update. Fingers crossed and thanks again for the help
  9. Hey, thanks for asking. Honestly I can't say for certain. I know I ordered a replacement drive in July so it was then when I first started having drive errors. I don't remember when I switched over to the beta but I do remember I did because I was having issues getting my OPNsense VM up and running. When I first had a drive get disabled due to errors I swapped it out and just kept going, then I had errors a while later and replaced the cable but I should have come here and starting posting diagnostics back then. I've also gone long stretches where I don't really use the
  10. Thanks, I was thinking back to how and when issues started to creep up and I remember I was having various problems setting up my OPNsense VM and that's how I ended up on the beta. I'm crossing my fingers for that newer kernel. I guess right now I don't trust the server and I'm just waiting on 6.9 to go stable. I was thinking about a CPU and maybe MOBO upgrade in 2021 to a newer generation of Ryzen but it would be my luck I'd have the same issue. Is there anything in particular I can do or not do while I wait to mitigate issues with corrupt or lost data?
  11. Yesterday before doing the rebuild I updated the BIOS to the latest and greatest from Asus dated earlier this month. Would I need to downgrade the BIOS to something older and is it just guess and check at this point? Currently I only run one VM, OPNSense with a NIC passed through so my understanding is I wouldn't be able to do that if I disable IOMMU.
  12. I ran fix common problems again and saw some of the same errors so I did a reboot and ran diagnostics again to be thorough.
  13. Rebuild just finished and both drives are now enabled. I was a little scared when I got the notification of 16437514 errors but I guess that's just because it was my data disk disabled and I was rebuilding from parity. I'll keep an eye on it and watch it but hopefully one of you guys can take a peek at my diagnostics and let me know if all looks good now. As always thank you all for the help!
  14. Thanks, I have the drive rebuilding now. I followed the procedure in the wiki. I'll keep and eye on it and post an updated diagnostics later today when complete and both disks should be enabled.
  15. I've replaced the drive and cable that first had errors and was disabled. These are also Ironwolf drives that have spent the majority of their life spun down in a case with a lot of airflow etc. I think you're right that the drive will stay disabled I just didn't want to jump the gun. Obviously the #1 concern is not losing data and I'd like to do this in the proper order and hopefully determine the root issue. Also not sure if this is a side effect to what's going on or just a beta issue but on the main tab of the UI I can no longer interact with dockers and my VMs are