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  1. The container size thing has been running for like 20 mins and still no data, funny
  2. My docker img was like 99% full and noticed it so went to fix it after I updated to the latest unraid version and now docker wont start at all. Assume its full its why it wont start. Do we have a way to edit the file to remove stuff inside of it to get the file size down so I can start it again? Well I was able to increase the docker size to 40 gigs and now its starting again, now to track down where all the data is going from the container size button.
  3. What I like most about unraid is dockers, vm and iommu video card pass-through. Love how you can do so many things with it. I have 11 dockers a 1 vm that runs about all the time. With my next build I'm wanting to try running it as the main os and vm windows, linux and whatever else I need with it. Hoping the iommu thing gets easier/better as time goes on.
  4. So for Network Bridge in my vm I just made the only option I show is virbr0 and nothing else. I recall seeing other options in the past. The only thing I have done differently is setup unraid as a static ip but don't think that would limit what options I get with it comes to that Also under settings VM Manager and default network bridge: the only option I see is virbr0 only from the drop down menu. Are you able to add this back in under network settings in the Routing Table section?
  5. Thanks that did it, just didn't think about that with it being linux and all 😃
  6. So I accidentally did a Downloads and a downloads folder then fixed it in unraid, ended up making it lowercase download. But windows network share sees it at Download still and wont let me access the folder because its download not Download on unraid. I went into the command line and double checked its all lowercase and went into shares tab on unraid and its all lower case. Also ran the fix common problems and it doesn't see that issue anymore but still cant access it. How do I fix this?
  7. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=VirtIO-IOMMU-Linux-5.3-Driver Wonder if this will help us going forward.
  8. PIA supports port forwarding on select endpoints as listed here https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/helpdesk/kb/articles/can-i-use-port-forwarding-without-using-the-pia-client Is this a option for the Container Variable: VPN_OPTIONS line during the setup of the docker container?
  9. I'm setting up a 2nd unraid server and wanting to copy everything from some folders to one unraid server to another. Tried a few cp commands from the command line and cant get it to work. Was wondering if anyone know of a docker with a desktop UI that would let me do that easier vs command line?
  10. I was able to go in and list all my dockers and pause them all using "https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/container_pause/" , and its back to normal now.
  11. Anyone have a snickers bar? It has not been this slow the entire but but for some reason is now, not sure whats going on. I cant get any of the docker vm area to load at the top to try shutting them down to see if it ones of them hanging it up. But the processor usage from the web interface and htop don't match. The diag file also shows heavy usage. Do you have a link that shows how to stop or pause dockers from command line? unraid-diagnostics-20190704-1717.zip
  12. I'm unable to search for this issue I keep getting That page does not exist. Error code: 2T251/5 errors when I try and search for anything, so figured I would post here. Did the realtek nic issue ever get corrected past 6.5.3? Last I tried upgrading to the version after that any time I tried to copy stuff to the server the network would crash on it causing me to have to reboot it to regain access to it.
  13. Mine has been doing the same thing but mine seems to start when I start to move files around from one folder to another. I'm going to roll back to a older version for a while.