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  1. انا استخدمه لاكثر من سنتين .. وسيرفري الحالي عدى 100+ تيرا لاي استفسرارات انا فالخدمة ..
  2. I'm using Unraid for over year, can't remember when those issues started but booting usually takes 5-15 minutes and fails 50% times (where I have to reboot again) and try my luck! Is there a way to ignore the attached Flash checks? Note: just replaced my Flash with recent flash backup, same issue
  3. yes I found all files. and I'll check the filesystem once done ..... thanks
  4. The shares still found in flash backup compressed (\config\shares), but not showing in /mnt/user/ ... Parity-Sync/Data-Rebuild in progress - 28 hours to finish, is there any chance it'll come back? or it's impossible, just create new ?
  5. Was able to fix the drive (while it's unassigned drive), and the new drive still building but (shares are still missing). I'll just hope if someone can advice me if I can bring shares back ........... plz
  6. ok so I checked the filesystem, didn't show errors .. so I removed that drive and replace with a new .... it seems some shares still not showing in shares page! Is there a way to bring it back? I have a backup from the flash (usb) ..
  7. Thanks ... Just to confirm, is it more safer to stop the array and use that drive a unassigned just to copy all important files ? or this might damage more ..
  8. Attached, Drive 10 - 2YK9ZWBD
  9. Got this strange issue .. I hope to find a fix ! 1- Yesterday, Drive X went offline (disabled) and I had to rebuild the server .. till that time seems the 1 Parity online took over 2- I didn't reboot the server only stopped the Array, plugged 1 new driver to be the 2nd Parity and changed Drive X cables .. it worked again! 3- Started the Array again, I could see Drive x data and started the sync ... it requires 1 day 4- During the sync I Paused the sync few times and resumed, since I was using PLEX 5- When the Sync reached 60%-80% I noticed Drive X is used 90% but with
  10. Thanks for the solution! 1 more question, in the next post someone mentioned that (If you have more than one controller you have to specify the desired one - same for the erase operation!) How can I mention? as I have 2 currently installed ..
  11. Facing same problem!! How can I disable bios boot (skip HBA - Drives) ??
  12. Thank you both... is there a way to detect the exact ram to replace? How i'll be able to identify ...
  13. Hi all, I can see this error in "Fix Common Problems"; Machine Check Events detected on your server.. Just installed the mcelog, how to output the log? If it's from "System Log" will the above report will be included or i have to run something before exporting it.